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How do celebrities reach their target demographics through Instagram?

Millions of users well comprehend the power of social media. Just at the tip of your finger, you have the entire world at your disposal. It is a significant reason why brands and celebrities are trying to promote themselves via Instagram or why they buy followers on Instagram. The digital arena, social media channel, and online outlet have provided Hollywood with a top means for building their brand. It helps them engage with target audiences and also market their services. For remaining in the spotlight, Hollywood celebrities are entering the media platform. They are trying to advertise themselves by constant updates related to their movies, music, collaborations, and other aspects.


The Instagram platform has become a tool in the hands of celebrities who are constantly updating their followers about their personal life. From news and events and pictures from personal life, actors and actresses engage in mass advertisement. Since the platform is free, they do not have to think about financial resources. Hence, these celebrities are spending a considerable part of their time on advertising campaigns.


Instagram has emerged as a toolbar in the hands of Hollywood stars


If you are one of those novice users of the Instagram platform and you are attracted to the high-quality pictures of your favorite stars, then continue reading. You may find it hard to come up with the same quality pictures as your favorite stars are posting on this platform. However, there are applications and tricks they use for building their brand. First, it helps in making an impression on the users. By using this social media outlet, celebrities try to balance their personal and professional lives. It is because remaining in the spotlight 24/7 is the leading purpose of these stars.


Just when you get little glimpses of the private life of your favorite celebrities, it helps you connect with them. It is nothing but a famous marketing technique used by your leads. Some of them are very frequent with their posts, while others provide one post, and then you do not see them. Although the first technique goes well with users, coming up with posts every day is challenging.


Through Instagram, celebrities share content about their professional obligations with their audiences. Toolbars have become a great way of engaging potential and current customers on the social media platform. It is because clients download branded toolbars on their browsers. Hence, it acts as a robust channel for furnishing specialized content to the target clients. For building a loyal fan base, every celebrity is looking for easy access. Via photos, videos, and event snapshots, they try to get access to their fans. In addition, they try to keep their fans updated with news feeds about the latest events.


Expanding branch credibility and awareness is another aim behind the increased use of buy followers on Instagram. Celebrities advertise their professional life to make them visible and well known among their follower base. Hence, they create a digital presence by displaying their personal and professional life. It is a robust means for promoting their products which thereby gets higher visibility.


Rihanna is a falous name who has used this platform to promote her personal and professional life. She has used Instagram for her fashion line and sharing of valuable posts. By giving pictures and videos of her commercial and TV appearances she has created quite a store. She also provides posts on red carpet events and recent projects that she is undertaking. It helps her to increase the audience and collaborate with them.


Instagram helps in building confidence and glamour


The way Rihanna has used Instagram conveys a lot about the values she holds. She strongly feels for her fan base and tries to connect with them regularly. She is a perfect balance between glamour and control. All her posts speak about her quality, confidence, and strength. In addition, she tried to give descriptions of her music and personality via post. Hence, it helps her fan base to get exposure to the personal characteristics of Rihanna. As a result, they feel valued and engage with her brand.


Expanding the awareness of the business and building credibility are other aspects of using Instagram. It is a leading reason why Hollywood celebrities are engaging in advertising campaigns to buy followers on Instagram. The marketing strategy, fortune, and fame of these stars are a sure shot reason behind their growing popularity.


In recent times, celebrity life has become a trend. It not only connects them with their follower base but also creates a buzz among their fans. Whether you talk about Katy Perry, Rihanna, or Miley Cyrus, they have all used Instagram to connect with their target community. Hence, if you follow your favorite actor or singer on this platform, you will get a chance to usurp a peek at what they do and how they spend their day. From traveling to their pets to their parties to their home décor, you get a chance to know it all.


And the New Instagram Queen Is…

And the New Instagram Queen Is… Many things have changed on Instagram this year – new features, people leaving, people coming, polemics and fights have become common over the network. However, not so many times have we seen someone become the new king or queen of Instagram, that is, the person who has gained as many followers as to overthrow the previously most followed account.

Taylor Swift had been the queen of Instagram for several months, but we have a new queen now. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez, 103 million followers), aged 24, hasn’t had a very good year so far, but she’s become the absolute ruler of them all on Instagram. How she has done so is not so good if we come to think about her arguments with  Justin Bieber, her ex-boyfriend, who finally had to leave the network because of hatred-full comments by some followers.

Selena Gomez is our new Instagram queenSelena Gomez is our new Instagram queen

Selena Gomez was already one of the stars of this year, having gained followers unstoppable and having the honor of posting the most liked picture in the history of Instagram – one from the beginning of the year, where she featured a Coca-Cola bottle and which got 5.9 million likes.

At the end of November, in the frame of the American Music Awards, she addressed her fans and had some words for the social network which has crowned her. As she explained, Instagram shouldn’t be for showing one’s body, but the things that are in your heart.

She hasn’t tried to become popular, she just has done it, since she appeared on Waverly Place Wizards when she was 15.  The question we have to make now is: How long will she be called queen? If something’s true about Instagram, it’s that kings come and kings go.

JLo, Totally Stunning on Instagram

If Jennifer Lopez can brag about something, it’s the fact that she hasn’t almost changed since 20 years ago. The young woman who started singing in 1993 has conquered two generations of music fans, and is still amazingly popular. Amazingly popular and amazingly the same as she was 20 years ago. Why do we say this? Her latest Instagram picture has totally lit Instagram up.

JLo is also known as JLo on Instagram, where her account @jlo is followed by nearly 53 million people. Merely 15 hours ago, she posted a selfie that has already been seen all around the world. On it, the singer appears as if she were still in 1993 – her physical appearance is not at all the one you’d expect from a 47-year-old woman. She appears in front of a mirror wearing a wine-colored bodysuit. So far, the picture has been commented more than thirty-two thousand times, and has gotten more than one million likes.

JLo's selfie
JLo’s selfie

People are praising her for being so beautiful, especially in English and Spanish. No wonder she has so much energy at her concerts – she’s got a body that has been carefully taken care of. There have been rumors of her not being at her best since she and Casper broke up, but currently she’s working on new projects, such as a new Spanish-tongue album in which she is going to sing along Mark Anthony, her former husband.

Apart from that, her single “Ain’t Your Mama” is hitting high at billboard lists, and she’s preparing a role for a musical for the NBC in December 2017, in which she’s going to star in Bye Bye Birdie.

If she keeps going at this rate, maybe in 2017 she will be even younger than she is not – and Instagram will be the proof of it.

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error. There exist many reasons to criticize a person, especially on the Internet. Make the littlest mistake and everyone will be chasing on you, your Facebook profile, your Instagram profile and even your phone number for some weeks or even months. It’s very easy for people on the Internet to criticize – they don’t even have to be trolls –, especially if you’re a celebrity. Tell that, for instance, to Jennifer Lopez.

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error
Jennifer Lopez has won!

Some days ago – although it was unnoticed at first – the Puerto Rican singer uploaded a picture of her and her fellow singer Kany García. The image of the two artists included a caption saying: “Me and the brilliant @kanygarcia Yo y la talentosa @kanygarcia #funtimes #musica #amor #amigas.” That is, the English sentence, a Spanish translation and the tags #music, #love and #friends in Spanish. Do you see anything weird about it? Anything worth criticizing? Spanish-speaking users surely did.

Spanish grammar says that whenever the subjec of a sentence includes yo (“I”), that yo must come at the end of all the persons included in the sentence. To say “Me and Kany” or “Me and my mother” you would have to invert the words and say “Kany y yo” and “Mi madre y yo.” However, JLo placed words inversely, with yo coming before. People reacted as if she were stupid.

There are of course those who have backed her up, and some have even asked the Royal Spanish Academy about the mistake. As the highest authority on Spanish language, that’s what the Academia has to say – “in order to be corteous, it is customary to place yo at the end of the sentence, but there is no grammatical justification for that.”

Instagram having been a battlefield, we can say that JLo has won this war.


Taylor Swift: “They May Be Surveilling Me on Instagram”

A furious monster was unleashed these days thanks to the mediatic fight that started between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. They’ve gained both supporters and haters, you may be ither on one side or the other. Everything got hotter and hotter until it was unveiled that there might be some recordings in which she agrees that West will use her name in his new song, and call her a bitch.

Taylor Swift is an example of what happens to many celebrities and even normal people who have gotten more or less famous on the Internet. They share millions of seconds of their lives with millions of people on the net, but they’re terrified that they’re being too seen by the outside world. Maybe that’s why Swift invested 5 million dollars in security measures when she moved to her new New York apartment (which had an estimated value of $15 million).

swiftTaylor Swift has become more paranoid after the polemics with the West-Kardashians

She’s recently talked to Vanity Fair and said many interesting things about this issue with the West-Kardashian family. She’s declared that she’s become much more aware of her image, that she takes care of things she didn’t use to think about and that she’s become paranoid. The idea that someone could film her or record what she’s saying has become one of her worst fears. That’s why she’s living a nightmare right now, because Kanye West recorded the convo they had about Famous and spread it over the net.

The West-Kardashians live this overexposure differently. Kim got famous thanks to a sex tape and a family-focused reality show, and West films every little detail of his life for posterity. They’ve calculated how much they want to be exposed, and they’ve benefited from it. We could even say that, without TV and Instagram, Kim Kardashian wouldn’t exist today – at least under the shape we know.

Giving Birth Live on Instagram

Giving Birth Live on Instagram. Spanish model Malena Costa has recently become a mother, and she’s chosen to share her birthgiving process with the world via Instagram. She and her partner Mario Suárez, who plays for the Watford Football Club, have shown that they are a truly modern couple, and have used Instagram as the medium to inform their fans about their engagement, marriage and, eventually, birth of their first child. If this isn’t using Instagram for a peculiar reason, we don’t know what it is.

As we can see on Mario’s Instagram account (@mariosuarez4), the process wasn’t strerring at all. However, during birth Malena was naturally busy – of course! That’s why her partner got in charge of broadcasting the process from the beginning – from pictures of them en route to the clinic where the birth finally happened, to the moment immediately previous to Malena’s entrance in the operation room. There are some, of course, who question whether this is going to be far regarding social exposure and social media – but if they have made something clear, it’s that they don’t care at all.

The end of the process. To see it entirely, visit @mariosuarez4 on Instagram
The end of the process. To see it entirely, visit @mariosuarez4 on Instagram

From them walking out of their home, Malena carrying their dog, both of them kissing and asking if everything’s ready (they were in a little rush, given the situation), and Mario even urges her to hurry up with a “¡Vamos, Male!” (“Let’s go, Male!”) full of love.

What we see next is the paring at the clinic hall, presumably immediately after their arrival. Even at this point, they both are cheerful and playful. “She’s thinking that she’s going to stay here to live,” comments Mario while recording Malena’s four bags and one suitcase.

Finally, after some more pictures, once all the process had finished, they unveiled the name of their new child, who happened to be a girl. Perpetually millennial, Spanish media have underlined, they have chosen a name that evokes those cheerful nineties people around 25 remember with such nostalgia – the baby’s name? Matilda. The first child born almost on Instagram.

Bieber Beats Jenner on Instagram

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner – two of the most well-known faces of the last years; two of the most popular artists in the world; two of the people with the most crowded fan bases on Instagram – have fought a much unique fight. It was an online battle which has been taking place since last March. It started unknowingly, but it has ended a month and a half later. What were both fighting for, although they didn’t know it? To have the most like picture on Instagram.

The title of “Most Liked Picture on Instagram” tends to be one that is long kept by the people who receive it. Given that the number of likes for certain pictures is astonishingly high, it’s not so easy for anyone to have such a strong fan base that they can make one of their pictures the most liked one. Usually, the comments and likes in this kind of pictures are around one and two millions – but it takes some more popularity to beat the reigning pic.

Justin Bieber has done so with the help of Selena Gomez. Although they haven’t been together since 2013, she was featured on the picture that Bieber uploaded on March 20. It overthrew Kendall Jenner as the Queen of Likes, who, as you may remember, got the title thanks to a picture of herself lying on the floor, her hair arranged in multiple heart shapes. While Jenner’s pic has 3.5 million likes, Bieber’s one’s gotten 3.6.

Apart from that, Bieber has also more followers than Jenner – 6 million more people follow the singer on Instagram. Will Justin Bieber be crowned new King of Instagram? Justin’s ex Selena is now the Queen – she’s followed by 78.1 million people! What is for sure is that these kind of battles will never stop happening in one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram. Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie has blocked his mother’s Instagram account, so that they don’t have any relationship on the social network. This decision made by the teenager has taken place in the middle of a legal battle for his custody. Rocco wants to live in London with his father, not in New York City with his mother, as he’s been doing so far.

Mama Don't Preach – Not Even on Instagram
The picture in question

His father and his stepmother, Jacqui Ainsley, haven’t been blocked by him and are amongst his 138K followers. It was a strike for Madonna, as he doesn’t prevent Jacqui and Guy from following him. The singer thinks this may only be a teenage problem. She even responded to her son’s decision with a black-and-white picture of herself and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, aged 19 and Rocco’s half-sister. On the picture, published on @madonna, she wrote the caption “Double trouble. Coming at you 2016.”

A judge in Manhattan will make Rocco return to NYC for an audience in February, while a London court has deemed that he can stay with Ritchie if he wants. These latest months, he’s bee touring together with his father, who is on his Rebel Tour around the world. When the judge asked if Ritchie had prevented the kid from returning to the USA, Ritchie’s attorney said that he had indeed.

Ritchie and Madonna were married between 2000 and 2008, and they had four children, whether natural or adopted: Lourdes Leon, Rocco, David and Mercy. She’s in good terms with most of them; in fact, the relationship was good even with Rocco, till this happened.

Let’s hope he unblocks his mother in a while, when they come to good terms.


Justin Bieber in Love (Again?) on Instagram

Justin Bieber in Love (Again?) on Instagram. It seems Justin Bieber can’t stand still – he’s always doing something. Instagram has witnessed him do many crazy things. We thought the last one would be falling in love with a mysterious girl he saw on the picture-sharing network. It seems that he’s already forgotten her – or is pretending to do so – and replaced her with Kourtney Kardashian. Why? We should go back a couple of times so that everything makes sense.

Justin Bieber in Love (Again?) on Instagram
Justin Bieber in Love (Again?) on Instagram

Justin (@justinbieber) and Kourtney (@kourtneykardash) stopped seeing each other in October. They used to be friends, or so they said. That’s why they went together to an amusement park and then to a club, from which they didn’t came back until it wasn’t late night. That’s the last time the media knew anything about them. However, a couple of days ago, they were seen in LA in a karaoke.

That’s not the best part of it, though. Justin Bieber has shared a picture of him standing next to a car and next to a woman. Justin is giving his back to the camera while we can only see the right leg of the girl. Many have said that it must be Kourtney, not because of the leg shown but of the caption next to the picture. “Lord knows.” Some say that Kourtney’s ex boyfriend’s nick is “Lord Disick” so this could be a hint to him.

There are, of course, people who say that the legs seen in the picture are photoshopped. Would Justin really have to do so? They have been seen together this week, so it wouldn’t be strange that it were true. Some media say that they are more than friends, but that they don’t want any serious commitment. Despite all the pictures on Instagram, Justin wants to get back with Selena. Do you think he’ll be able?