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Bieber Beats Jenner on Instagram

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner – two of the most well-known faces of the last years; two of the most popular artists in the world; two of the people with the most crowded fan bases on Instagram – have fought a much unique fight. It was an online battle which has been taking place since last March. It started unknowingly, but it has ended a month and a half later. What were both fighting for, although they didn’t know it? To have the most like picture on Instagram.

The title of “Most Liked Picture on Instagram” tends to be one that is long kept by the people who receive it. Given that the number of likes for certain pictures is astonishingly high, it’s not so easy for anyone to have such a strong fan base that they can make one of their pictures the most liked one. Usually, the comments and likes in this kind of pictures are around one and two millions – but it takes some more popularity to beat the reigning pic.

Justin Bieber has done so with the help of Selena Gomez. Although they haven’t been together since 2013, she was featured on the picture that Bieber uploaded on March 20. It overthrew Kendall Jenner as the Queen of Likes, who, as you may remember, got the title thanks to a picture of herself lying on the floor, her hair arranged in multiple heart shapes. While Jenner’s pic has 3.5 million likes, Bieber’s one’s gotten 3.6.

Apart from that, Bieber has also more followers than Jenner – 6 million more people follow the singer on Instagram. Will Justin Bieber be crowned new King of Instagram? Justin’s ex Selena is now the Queen – she’s followed by 78.1 million people! What is for sure is that these kind of battles will never stop happening in one of the most popular social networks in the world.

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