Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram. Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie has blocked his mother’s Instagram account, so that they don’t have any relationship on the social network. This decision made by the teenager has taken place in the middle of a legal battle for his custody. Rocco wants to live in London with his father, not in New York City with his mother, as he’s been doing so far.

Mama Don't Preach – Not Even on Instagram

The picture in question

His father and his stepmother, Jacqui Ainsley, haven’t been blocked by him and are amongst his 138K followers. It was a strike for Madonna, as he doesn’t prevent Jacqui and Guy from following him. The singer thinks this may only be a teenage problem. She even responded to her son’s decision with a black-and-white picture of herself and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, aged 19 and Rocco’s half-sister. On the picture, published on @madonna, she wrote the caption “Double trouble. Coming at you 2016.”

A judge in Manhattan will make Rocco return to NYC for an audience in February, while a London court has deemed that he can stay with Ritchie if he wants. These latest months, he’s bee touring together with his father, who is on his Rebel Tour around the world. When the judge asked if Ritchie had prevented the kid from returning to the USA, Ritchie’s attorney said that he had indeed.

Ritchie and Madonna were married between 2000 and 2008, and they had four children, whether natural or adopted: Lourdes Leon, Rocco, David and Mercy. She’s in good terms with most of them; in fact, the relationship was good even with Rocco, till this happened.

Let’s hope he unblocks his mother in a while, when they come to good terms.


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