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Instagram has in the last years become the new hollywood boulevard, with fans lining up to view and copycat their idols. In today's day and age image is EVERYTHING and people look to social media to take on their trend spotting hobbies. Many users of social media have, in the last few decades, upped their social media presence making a space for themselves on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

In the last year, the separation and divide in physical, face to face social interaction has meant that people have flocked to social media space to feel more connected. We have noted a substantial increase in particular, in video sharing and the popularity of this branch of media in the last year. We have also seen an increase in our customers that Buy Instagram views as this space has become more populated. Our package options allow you to Buy Instagram views, we believe that by upping your view count we can boost your stats and help to push you out there. With more exposure and more appearance in your followers' feeds and the explore section on Instagram.

Why buy?

Why should you buy Instagram views you may ask? Well, success on social media is not purely down to luck and heavily depends on one of two things. Success either finds its way to you down to popularity outside of social media; such as a presence in the media, hollwood status, tv appearances etc. or down to successful management of the account. Successful management of your social media account means a full and regular posting schedule, well thought captions, posting at optimal hours, relevant content and tactical use of hashtags.

Famous or not, Famous or what?

Recently a 33 year old construction worker hit the headlines again as he was interviewed by british newspapers. The man, Nathan Meads, from Oxford in the United Kingdom has in the last 10 years become an internet sensation with his instagram account @bradpitt_lookalik, as you can probably imagine by the Instagram name Nathan is lucky enough to resemble Hollywood Legend Brad Pitt. For Nathan the rise to popularity was effortless after he was spotted and mistaken for Brad Pitt in a branch of Starbucks over 10 years ago. In interviews with Uk newspaper The Mirror, Nathan told sources that ´he can hardly walk down the street without people confusing him for the 55-year-old actor.´ and although sometimes it could put strains on his relationships and family life he can now often ear as much as 1000 euros for a single photo.

Over the years Meads´ account has continued to grow and he now has an account that boasts over 17,000 followers. So as you can see some users like Nathan are lucky enough to resemble a celebrity and therefore are able gain an instant following merely for that reason, for general users however that type of following does not come so effortlessly.

Take another example from real celebrities, who can often count on a booming post by simply jumping on a trend, just like Nathan, and with the help of their celebrity status and mammoth following anything slightly different that they do is seen as revolutionary. Celebrities can also count on a higher rate of success as they tend to have help managing their social media platforms whereas smaller, more humble accounts often opt to Buy Instagram views. Take Ariana Grande who has often been named a trend setter for her love of oversized jumpers and thigh high boots.

The question nowadays is not so much who started the trend, but rather who is following it and who isn´t.

Take this very trend, the thigh high boots and casual shirts or sweaters have now become a go to look among many high profile celebrities such as the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid. After posting a photo wearing these outfits, you will often see these trends reflected across the accounts of influencers and other general users of instagram as they try to emulate the posts of their Hollywood style icons.

KardashiansAnother perfect example would also be the Kardashians and their co-ords or casual loungewear pictures that have helped to boost the sales of leggings and loungewear co-ords across popular fashion brands such as Pretty little thing, Wish, FashionNova, SheIn and Ali Express.More often than not these are the very posts that receive more interactions as users ask about where they can get their hands on those boots, accessories etc or others that are simply showing appreciation for the looks.General users of Instagram then hurry to get their hands on whatever the products may be to be able to emulate these looks and by recreating these trends and in the hope to be able to get noticed as followers of the trends.

Another recent trend of growing popularity is that of video sharing and Tik Tok, many users are jumping on dance trends they have seen on Tik Tok and then proceeding to share them via their Instagram Stories or in the new Reels feature. Social media platforms often create a kind of prop for one another with users two-ing and fro-ing to find the best of each platform, for example many Tik Tok video trends become viral on Instagram where users also have the option to be able to share it across to Facebook.

Many Tik Tok trends that reach Instagram and become a viral trend with users emulating dances, short scenes, outfit changes etc. users of Tik Tok claim that it´s vast range of visual effects and streamline editing make it perfect but Tik Tok´s 15 second upload means it fits and flows perfectly in Instagram stories and many users have agreed that they prefer Instagram for sharing.

We think that Instagram has and will continue to be the social media trend setter. Tik Tok has had a boom, but users also choose to share what they create on Tik Tok through their Instagram accounts. You may wonder why this is? We believe although it is difficult to understand sometimes, Instagram's algorithm enables posts to reach a greater range of audience and perhaps hit better with its target market. Also some users purchase Instagram views and are able to reach a higher number of viewers and even other users who don't follow them in the Explore page.


When you use iigers services, you can be sure that we will aid you on your journey to the Hollywood Boulevard of Instagram. When you buy IG views with you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality of customer service. When our clients buy views we make sure that all views are provided from genuine Instagram accounts. What does that mean? Well when people want to buy services to boost their success on Instagram they often will go for the cheapest option available. The problem however with the cheapest option is that these tend to be websites that offer services linked to bot accounts, this means that empty and inactive ´ghost accounts´are used to interact with your account. More often than not Instagrams filters will detect these types of accounts and any accounts with links to those can be penalised or even in the worst case scenario deactivated.

So why not give it a try today, we offer 3 different options for those looking to indulge in a bit of Instagram Self care. 100 views for anyone looking for a small boost, 500 views for more serious customers and 1000 views for frequent customers. We can also split up your order between various different posts to suit your individual needs. Buy Instagram views with and you´ll not be disappointed. We strive to make a difference and are always looking for ways to better our services and provide a more genuine and seamless service for our customers.

Is it discreet?

All of the services offered at IIGERS are 100% reliable and discreet. As previously mentioned we steer well clear of using bot accounts and are constantly checking the standards of our team to be able to provide 100 REAL and genuine services, you wouldn't be any the wiser that any of our customers are receiving services and we have a grand portfolio of customers who confide in our confidential services to back this. We hope that you will feel inspired to get Instagram views today and notice the near instant positive changes that this will bring to your account.