The Creepy Alive-Looking Dolls of Instagram

The Creepy Alive-Looking Dolls of Instagram

The Creepy Alive-Looking Dolls of Instagram. Instagram is a place for artists, for creators, for those who want the world to see what they are capable of making. Given that it is the most visual-centered social network in the run nowadays. It is normal that artists, who work with images as a primary material, like being there to stay connected and promote their work online. Today we’re going to talk about one of those artists – a man who makes dolls.

The Creepy Alive-Looking Dolls of Instagram

Zaykov’s dolls

Michail Zaykov is a Russian artist

This young creator has specialized in creating dolls, but there’s something special about them. His dolls are not some that a common little girl would like to have – or maybe she would. Zaykov’s (@Michael_Zajkov) dolls are hyper-realist creations, dolls that look more like petrified young ladies than real dolls. Their expression, their features, their eyes, their clothing… Everything makes them look not like dolls, but more like enchanted human women.

After graduating from college in 2009, Zaykov spent three years of his life working at a puppet theater, where he learnt how to create this kind of creepy dolls. He got well-known in 2013 in Moscow, where is exhibition Art Dolls was a total success. He creates them using clay, but he also adds hand-painted eye globes, brought from Germany, and French angora, which he uses to create the dolls’ hair.

Zaykov has recently passed the milestone of 100K followers (a few days ago he had “only” 85K) and we are not amazed by that. In his Instagram, you can see him handling his dolls’ heads, painting them, sculpting them, polishing their nails, painting their lips and carving their ears. A truly impressive work, now at the reach of everybody thanks to Instagram.

What do you think about Zaykov’s work? Do his dolls creep you out or do you want to purchase one?

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