Meet Instagram Husbands, the Men Behind those Great Pics

Meet Instagram Husbands, the Men Behind those Great Pics

Meet Instagram Husbands, the Men Behind those Great Pics. Behind every great man there’s a great woman, they say. It’s universally true, we may think, but there’s a place where the phrase goes the other way round: “Behind every great woman there’s a great man.” Can you guess what place it is? Of course, Instagram. At least, that’s what the latest viral Instagram video shows. “Instagram Husband” tells the story of those husbands, boyfriends and friends that make so many Instagram pictures possible.

Meet Instagram Husbands, the Men Behind those Great Pics

Do you feel this could be you? Maybe you’re an Instagram Husband

It’s not casual that Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) and Nicole Warne’s (@garypeppergirl) boyfriends are both professional photographers. Maybe that’s the reason why they have five million and 1.4 million followers respectively. Though cases like these are not as uncommon as they may seem, most of the men behind Instagram women aren’t professional at all – they’re just loving partners, patient, caring, long-life companions.

The creators of this video are the ones who made The Mystery Hour, who have also revealed themselves successful. The Instagram Husband webpage has constantly been receiving visits from those men who, at last, have someone who understands them. However, these husbands portrayed in the video don’t seem to be suffering so much. Jeff, Trey and Nate, the caring Instagram men, tell us about how they had to delete lots of things in their phones in order to make room for more pictures; how they always aim to make their wives look goods, although they may feel like “human selfie sticks.”

They’re always the first ones to comment, the first ones to stoically endure series and series of pictures, the first ones to show how they enjoy their lives together with their wives. “We used to eat our food. Now, we just take pictures of it,” says Trey, with a slightly gloomy face, as he reminisces.

Anyway, the video’s almost had four million visits in less than a week. Do you think they are ironic or that men really see themselves in it?

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