Celebrities take to Instagram to document how they spent their lockdowns

Celebrities take to Instagram to document how they spent their lockdowns

Celebrities take to Instagram to document how they spent their lockdowns. The lockdown rules are gradually easing. However, the pandemic is still a real threat. But things are comparatively better than the earlier months when it had started. If you relook into stay-at-home days, you may feel surprised about how everyone managed themselves during those most testing times. Life was not easy for anyone, and not even for our favorite celebrities. As everything is slowly heading towards restoration and re-starting, it makes sense to go back and relive what some famous faces did in the quarantine period. How did they keep themselves occupied? It should be fun to revisit those moments. So, let’s check out who did what before our memory fades.

A sneak peek of a celebrity’s life during the coronavirus outbreak

Lady Gaga posted a photo of her with boyfriend Michael Polansky on Instagram during the lockdown phase. She mentioned about playing cards and video games and also taking care of themselves. At the same time, the American singing sensation emphasized the need to stay stress-free and avoid a sedentary lifestyle by asking fans to continue moving their bodies.

The American actor Kristen Anne Bell shared a photo of family artwork on her Insta page. In her post, she talked about flattening the curve, curbing the spread of the virus. She has two kids with Dax Shepard.

The famous TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad confessed that self-isolation with kids is not a joke on her social media page. In only a few days, she felt they were running out of ideas for playtime activities. She posted a picture of a pillow fort that her kids built with her. The former reality TV show star said their friends also participated in this challenge.

The “Big Little Lies” actors Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern went on a walk to breathe in some fresh air while keeping adequate distance. Witherspoon wrote on her Instagram wall that they walked some days back before the stay-at-home orders came into force.

A judge on America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker, with his family, created a disco theme in their living room and danced to the song “We Are Family.” He shared the video on Instagram.

One of the leading actors, Gabrielle Union, posted a photo of her with hubby Dwyane Wade and daughter on the Insta page during the lockdown. The pic showed three of them playing. The actor was playing “Where Did Mommy Go?” with her kid in her pajamas.

Other celebrities who also posted lockdown images on Instagram

With more and more stars turning to Instagram during the lockdown, you also got an opportunity to scroll through their photos and videos and do away with self-isolation woes. For instance, you must have enjoyed the sight of Elizabeth Banks playing a new game during the quarantine. Then, the Insta video of Gal Gadot, where different celebrities sang “Imagine” from their locations, must have also entertained you. You may also have basked in the video where Lopez’s son was serving a drink to her and Alex Rodriguez while maneuvering a self-balancing scooter.

The list is possibly endless. But going through those once again can remind you of how life never stops no matter what. So, don’t worry and chill!