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Manny, the Selfie-Lover Cat of Instagram

Manny, the Selfie-Lover Cat of Instagram. Cats have always been the rulers of Instagram, no one doubts it. They’re the star animals of the most important photography-related social network, but they’ve always depended on humans to get to the Internet. Until now, no cat was ever able to take a picture by itself – but now there is one that not only takes pictures, but also takes selfies. Its name is Manny and you can follow it on @yoremahm.

Manny, the Selfie-Lover Cat of Instagram
Manny (right) the Selfie-Lover Cat of Instagram with one of its friends

Many humans would give a lot just to get half the followers this cat has

It’s 200 people away from 100K. How did Manny get to gain so many followers? The answer is his ability at taking selfies. How does he manage to do it? The manager of the account says that Manny is mesmerized by GoPro cams. He presses the buttons with its paw while looking at the lens.

What are Manny’s favorite places? It really seems to enjoy snow. The first pictures we can see of it – both selfies and pictures taken by (we suppose) its owner. He also enjoys the company of other animals, such as two rottweilers he often appears in frame with, but also horses and other cats – and even a donkey. It not only appears on pictures with them, but also on video. There are short clips showing how Manny lies on the grass, how it enjoys sunlight hitting its back, how he hides into a bunch of fallen leaves…

There are 438 pictures and videos, so that cat lovers can have their dose of feline happiness. Among all the Instagram accounts featuring animals, this one is certainly one of the most original ones, not only because of the beauty of the landscapes and animals featured on it – there are no humans on sight – but also because of this cat’s ability. Let’s hope he finally learns how to upload them to Instagram. That would certainly be worth watching.

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram. Brooklyn Beckham is the oldest son of soccer player David Beckham and his wife, the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Since some time ago, Brooklyn has had an Instagram account (@brooklynbeckham), where he has started some polemics from time to time. The latest one happened only two days ago, when he uploaded a picture that many users didn’t think was suitable for the young man’s Instagram.

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram
Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram

Brooklyn, who is currently 16, shared a picture taken by American photographer Mary Ellen Mark

which got published on the Life magazine in 1983. It depicted two young boys, one of which was holding a gun while they walked through the streets of Seattle. It’s a black-and-white picture that was included in the special issue Streets of the Lost. It has already been deleted by Brooklyn himself since polemics arouse.

Many users have pointed out that this is the kind of picture a boy the age of Brooklyn shouldn’t post. They also urged the teen’s parents to have a talk with their son. Many considered the posting a youth mistake, and reassured their love for the young Beckham.

However, there’s some who have investigated about the picture, which is more than 30 years old, and have asked the critics to inform themselves too. Mary Ellen Mark was a well-known photojournalist who centered her work on people who were outcasts, who didn’t fit into mainstream society. She worked for The New Yorker, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Life or Rolling Stone, amongst many others. And was awarded numerous awards for her journalism and her photographic skills.

It remains unknown, however, why Brooklyn uploaded the picture in the first time. Anyway, it this incident is a perfect example to show that, when you’re famous, you have to be very cautious about what you post. Otherwise, you may have to have a talk with your parents.

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram. Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie has blocked his mother’s Instagram account, so that they don’t have any relationship on the social network. This decision made by the teenager has taken place in the middle of a legal battle for his custody. Rocco wants to live in London with his father, not in New York City with his mother, as he’s been doing so far.

Mama Don't Preach – Not Even on Instagram
The picture in question

His father and his stepmother, Jacqui Ainsley, haven’t been blocked by him and are amongst his 138K followers. It was a strike for Madonna, as he doesn’t prevent Jacqui and Guy from following him. The singer thinks this may only be a teenage problem. She even responded to her son’s decision with a black-and-white picture of herself and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, aged 19 and Rocco’s half-sister. On the picture, published on @madonna, she wrote the caption “Double trouble. Coming at you 2016.”

A judge in Manhattan will make Rocco return to NYC for an audience in February, while a London court has deemed that he can stay with Ritchie if he wants. These latest months, he’s bee touring together with his father, who is on his Rebel Tour around the world. When the judge asked if Ritchie had prevented the kid from returning to the USA, Ritchie’s attorney said that he had indeed.

Ritchie and Madonna were married between 2000 and 2008, and they had four children, whether natural or adopted: Lourdes Leon, Rocco, David and Mercy. She’s in good terms with most of them; in fact, the relationship was good even with Rocco, till this happened.

Let’s hope he unblocks his mother in a while, when they come to good terms.


Is Kylie Jenner Deleting Her Instagram Account?

Is Kylie Jenner Deleting Her Instagram Account? Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) is to become a mom soon. She doesn’t know the exact date when she’ll be delivering, but she’s sure about one thing: she’s going to delete her Instagram profile when that happens.

The youngest Kardashian sister is very active in social media, where she shares a lot of selfies. Beauty looks and personal moments with her millions of followers (46 on Instagram and 13 on Twitter). So big is the impact she has that some have called her the Princess of Social Media.

Is Kylie Jenner Deleting Her Instagram Account?
Is Kylie Jenner Deleting Her Instagram Account?

However, this won’t last long if what she’s said ends up being true. She and her boyfriend Tyga, who has already one daughter from his former girlfriend, are awaiting another child, though they haven’t talked about marrying in any way. A great ring she was wearing on an Instagram picture some days ago made fans think that she was going to marry Tyga, but neither she nor he had said anything about it. Later, the picture was deleted.

On a recent interview for Elle UK

she said that all she wants is to live a normal life, as her friends do. She’s never wished to have someone else’s life, she’s dreaming about having her own. She says that she would like to go to parties and concerts with them. Or simply that they spent more time together.

In that interview, she reassured herself about having a family of her own. “I’d buy a farm in Malibu Canyon, where I would have my  children, and I’d cast my cellphone away, just living my life and not doing what I’m doing anymore.” She was talking, of course, about taking so many pictures in order to upload them to Instagram and Twitter.

When is it going to happen? No one knows, not even her.

Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on Instagram

Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on IG.

How did you spend your Christmas eve dinner? Was it good? Could it have been better? Whatever you answer, one thing is sure, you must have taken at least one picture. If you have an Instagram account, you’ll surely have uploaded some pictures of your dinner to it. We’re all equal, and celebrities are not different from anyone else. They also love packed presents, giant Christmas trees, family gatherings and so on. Everything that you’d miss in a Christmas day, stars have done it.

Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on Instagram
Merry Instagram Christmas to you all!

However, there’s a difference between how we normal people celebrate Christmas and the way stars do it. We could seen incredible houses and mansions. You can also see Taylor Swift making snowmen, Mariah Carey enjoying a cozy family time and Lucy Hale admiring the Christmas tree that – we suppose – she set up.

We can also see Christmas cards from famous families and royal families all around the world. The Kardashians have been offering us Christmas cards where all the family members appears. This year, they have decided to feature the four Kardashian kids: North, Penelope, Mason and Reign.

Regarding royal families, they have offered us even more adorable Christmas cards. The Duchess of Cambridge, prince Willam, the little George and Charlot or prince Albert and Charlène have appeared surrounded by their loved ones.

What about you? Have you uploaded a picture of your family to Instagram? You may have prepared a beautiful dinner, decorated the  Christmas tree beautifully, sang adorable carols with your family or friends or thrown the greatest party ever. Whatever you did, don’t forget to upload it to Instagram.

The Most Liked Instagram Pictures of 2015

The Most Liked Instagram Pictures of 2015. During this last year, millions of pictures have been uploaded to Instagram. Four hundred million people use the social network since last year. However, amongst those millions of pictures, there are the ones from three users that were the most popular of all. They got more likes than anything this year, and it’s doubtful that any other picture is going to overthrown them. The five pictures with the most likes are by five women also — and we’re sure you’ll recognize all of them.

The Most Liked Instagram Pictures of 2015
Kendall Jenner on the Instagram picture with more likes of 2015

Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Beyoncé. Those are the five users who got more likes on a single picture this year. No one of them got less than two million. The tenth position is for Taylor Swift and her cat, Olivia Benson. With 2.2 million likes, it’s the one that got the least.

Then we have Kendall Jenner in a picture from March, in which she thanks her then 20 million followers for their love. On the eighth position we have – Swift and Benson again. In fact, they’re in the 10th, 8th and 6th position, so you’ll see the singer and her cat three times in a whole. Seventh comes  Selena Gomez, sitting in a car with a hand on her cheek, wearing a grey sweater.

Taylor Swift comes again – without her cat this time – in the 5th position. Then there’s Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy (2.3 million likes). The top three is for Kylie Jenner and her high school diploma, Taylor Swift – we’re not trolling, it’s true – and a bouquet of white roses and finally Kendall Jenner, who has the most liked Instagram picture of 2015, in which we can see her lying on a carpet, her hands on her belly and wearing a white dress, while her hair is shaped like a lot of hearts. The caption is only the emoticon of a heart.