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Celebrities take to Instagram to document how they spent their lockdowns

Celebrities take to Instagram to document how they spent their lockdowns. The lockdown rules are gradually easing. However, the pandemic is still a real threat. But things are comparatively better than the earlier months when it had started. If you relook into stay-at-home days, you may feel surprised about how everyone managed themselves during those most testing times. Life was not easy for anyone, and not even for our favorite celebrities. As everything is slowly heading towards restoration and re-starting, it makes sense to go back and relive what some famous faces did in the quarantine period. How did they keep themselves occupied? It should be fun to revisit those moments. So, let’s check out who did what before our memory fades.

A sneak peek of a celebrity’s life during the coronavirus outbreak

Lady Gaga posted a photo of her with boyfriend Michael Polansky on Instagram during the lockdown phase. She mentioned about playing cards and video games and also taking care of themselves. At the same time, the American singing sensation emphasized the need to stay stress-free and avoid a sedentary lifestyle by asking fans to continue moving their bodies.

The American actor Kristen Anne Bell shared a photo of family artwork on her Insta page. In her post, she talked about flattening the curve, curbing the spread of the virus. She has two kids with Dax Shepard.

The famous TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad confessed that self-isolation with kids is not a joke on her social media page. In only a few days, she felt they were running out of ideas for playtime activities. She posted a picture of a pillow fort that her kids built with her. The former reality TV show star said their friends also participated in this challenge.

The “Big Little Lies” actors Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern went on a walk to breathe in some fresh air while keeping adequate distance. Witherspoon wrote on her Instagram wall that they walked some days back before the stay-at-home orders came into force.

A judge on America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker, with his family, created a disco theme in their living room and danced to the song “We Are Family.” He shared the video on Instagram.

One of the leading actors, Gabrielle Union, posted a photo of her with hubby Dwyane Wade and daughter on the Insta page during the lockdown. The pic showed three of them playing. The actor was playing “Where Did Mommy Go?” with her kid in her pajamas.

Other celebrities who also posted lockdown images on Instagram

With more and more stars turning to Instagram during the lockdown, you also got an opportunity to scroll through their photos and videos and do away with self-isolation woes. For instance, you must have enjoyed the sight of Elizabeth Banks playing a new game during the quarantine. Then, the Insta video of Gal Gadot, where different celebrities sang “Imagine” from their locations, must have also entertained you. You may also have basked in the video where Lopez’s son was serving a drink to her and Alex Rodriguez while maneuvering a self-balancing scooter.

The list is possibly endless. But going through those once again can remind you of how life never stops no matter what. So, don’t worry and chill!

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error. There exist many reasons to criticize a person, especially on the Internet. Make the littlest mistake and everyone will be chasing on you, your Facebook profile, your Instagram profile and even your phone number for some weeks or even months. It’s very easy for people on the Internet to criticize – they don’t even have to be trolls –, especially if you’re a celebrity. Tell that, for instance, to Jennifer Lopez.

JLo Hardly Criticized for Instagram Error
Jennifer Lopez has won!

Some days ago – although it was unnoticed at first – the Puerto Rican singer uploaded a picture of her and her fellow singer Kany García. The image of the two artists included a caption saying: “Me and the brilliant @kanygarcia Yo y la talentosa @kanygarcia #funtimes #musica #amor #amigas.” That is, the English sentence, a Spanish translation and the tags #music, #love and #friends in Spanish. Do you see anything weird about it? Anything worth criticizing? Spanish-speaking users surely did.

Spanish grammar says that whenever the subjec of a sentence includes yo (“I”), that yo must come at the end of all the persons included in the sentence. To say “Me and Kany” or “Me and my mother” you would have to invert the words and say “Kany y yo” and “Mi madre y yo.” However, JLo placed words inversely, with yo coming before. People reacted as if she were stupid.

There are of course those who have backed her up, and some have even asked the Royal Spanish Academy about the mistake. As the highest authority on Spanish language, that’s what the Academia has to say – “in order to be corteous, it is customary to place yo at the end of the sentence, but there is no grammatical justification for that.”

Instagram having been a battlefield, we can say that JLo has won this war.


Selena Gomez, New Queen of Instagram

Instagram is renowned for more things than its beautiful pictures, It’s also the place where some celebrities seem to be the most comfortable. They share bits of their lives with their fans and they get rewarded with followers. And there’s always one celebrity who is the most followed one. Now, it’s the time for a new star to shine.

And the new queen of Instagram is... And the new queen of Instagram is…

The celebrity in question is Selena Gomez (@selenagomez). Only 200K followers away from her is one of her best friends, Taylor Swift, but Gomez (TX, 23 years old) has the amazing amount of 69,300,000 people following her. Besides, she’s the only person with an Instagram account to have received more than three million likes in not one, but three posts.

For the sake of comparing, the most followed man, Justin Bieber (@justinbieber), is followed by 61,500,000 people. Then there’s the Kardashians/Jenners – Kim Kardashian has more than 63 million followers, while Kendall  (@kendalljenner) has 54.2.

Selena is not only the queen of Instagram, but also a very active person on Twitter and Snapchat, which she seems to be especially fond of. She just posted a picture on Snapchat together with Céline Dion, whom she went to visit in Las Vegas.

If we take both Selena’s Instagram and Twitter followers, we come to the amazing figure of 109 million followers. That’s a third of the population of the US wanting to know about her life.

Apart from the mentioned celebrities, among the stars with the highest follower counts of Instagram are Beyoncé (@beyonce), Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) and Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj), together with more Kardashians/Jenners such as Khloe (@khloekardashian) and Kylie (@kyliejenner).

There’s also a curious fact about this – only one man among all the celebrities. What does this mean? Are men less active on Instagram, and they get less followers because of that? Is this the year men will have as many followers as women?

Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey

Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey. When Kevin Systrom and Mark Krieger met, they couldn’t think that they would start the most important networking project of the decade. Their ways had been separated their whole lives. Systrom had grown up in Google as a product executive before going out to the world. He and Krieger created a check-in tool that allowed users to post their plans. It was called Burbn, and it turned out to be very complicated for the average user.

What happened next? As they saw that users wanted no complication in social networks – they were calling for an intuitive app – they focused on pictures. Burbn had a function that let users send pictures to each other and proved to be the most used one. That’s how Instagram was born, or re-born, from the ashes of its older sibling Burbn.

Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey
Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey

However, they had no business ideas at all

Systrom and Krieger developed what would later be known as Instagram simply because they wanted. Ars gratia artis. They didn’t keep the name Burbn – which had been given to it because of whiskey. Systrom was very fond of Kentuckian whiskeys, so he named their application after one of his favorite things. Then came Instagram, which is a blend of Insta(nt camera) and (tele)gram.

It was officially launched in October 2010, exclusively through App Store, and it got one million users only in one month. In a year, ten million were already sharing their pictures through the app. The funniest part about this is that Instagram – in a way similar to other projects which didn’t have a defined business plan, such as YouTube or Twitter – didn’t have a way to go. None of its creators knew where it would go. Then came Facebook and they became billionaires.

Everything thanks to a bottle of Kentucky whiskey.

The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram

The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram.

Going back and forth, six-hour flights in order to get to paradise-like places, having a swimsuit prepared together with your winter clothing, not knowing if you’re going to end your week at the beach or in the snowy heights of some mountain. If you consider all these things, you may conclude that a model’s life is anything but boring. If you add to this that they are always surrounded by celebrities, singers, actors and designers, and attending parties  it’s difficult to see why someone wouldn’t like to earn a living as a model.

The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram
The Hidden Side of Modeling on Instagram like Adriana Lima

However, there’s something that haunts a lot of models despite all of this socializing – solitude. They spend most of their time alone, on planes or posing for photographers. As model Blanca Padilla stated it: “Sometimes I feel very lonely. I am constantly with my mobile phone – it’s my way of communicating with everyone, I’m on the other side of the world. There are days that are great and days that are –”

Now another model, Adriana Lima, who works for Victoria’s Secret

has shown the world the less known side of modeling, and she has done it through Instagram. On her profile, @adrianalima, which is followed by 6.6 million people, she posted a picture of her face without make-up, together with a caption saying: “Sometimes, people question, that model life is easy, and that’s wrong (…). Today I had 10 hours of work day, shooting with a very bad cold, coughing no stop and a massive headache. That did not stop me on doing what I love. I finished, went to the airport, to come back home to see my 2 princesses. Arriving there, my flight was over 3 hours delayed.(…) Just waked home 2am. Happy to be here. And wanted to share the face of a hardworking model, and share that I am not the only one that works this hard. Thank you. (…) Love u all.”

It is a beautiful mixture of passion and hard work. However, it has the purpose of showing that modeling is not an easy task. And that you have to be tough to go through it.

You Could Easily Make 2,000 USD on Instagram

You Could Easily Make 2,000 USD on Instagram. Having influence on social networks can be a very rewarding experience. Not only does it pay in recognition from other people, but it can also be literally paying. There are people on Instagram who earn an extra or main income from promoting products for brands. Payments are astronomical – models such as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid get paid between 125 and 300K dollars per promotion; at least, that’s what Frank Spadafora, CEO of the D’Marie Agency. It means that what celebrities get from doing a promotion amounts ten times the average American salary.

You Could Easily Make 2,000 USD on Instagram
Essena O’Neill, made 2,000 USD on Instagram

Spadafora, whose company helps people optimize their brands’ presence in social media

says that the figures are so high because big companies don’t see them as so much money. If one wants to get the attention of a model’s fans, you have to pay a very big quantity – but it will mean getting to millions of people through that model.

No matter these incredible quantities. Some bloggers live off their activity on social networks, and their environment is never easy to handle. At the end of 2015, Australian blogger Essena O’Neill announced that she was quitting Instagram, amongst all of her social networks. Criticizing the way the networks had manipulated her. She said that she could easily make 2,000 Australian dollars with a single post.

In order to denounce the way fashion dictates what is good and what is not. And also that many posts that seem spontaneous are really very well thought in order to promote certain products. She changed the captions of her old Instagram pictures, explaining how everything worked in real life.

What we can ask ourselves now is: is it worth to gain 2,000 dollars with only one picture if you have to stop being yourself and let everyone in your new “life”?

Kim Kardashian, Is That You?

Kim Kardashian, Is That You? Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known faces on Instagram. The American celebrity, known for the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has been active on the picture-centered social network since it started becoming popular. Always active on the app, Kim used to post almost a picture every day, and whenever she didn’t, it wasn’t a good sign. We’ve seen her lifestyle, her family, her boyfriend and many more faces of her life. However, she had been completely absent from Instagram for almost three months.

Kim Kardashian, Is That You?
The selfie in question

Kourtney, Kim’s sister

posted some pictures on her Instagram account (@kourtneykardash) two days ago. They’re pictures taken in front of a bathroom mirror, but she was not on her own when she took them – Kim is also featured in them. However, it’s not the same Kim Kardashian we could see on @kimkardashian, as she looks quite different from usual. One can barely recognize her, and it seems that she’s undergone some surgical operations, such as botox infiltration. Her lips are thicker, her nose is sharper and her cheeks look different too.

The picture has gotten almost 600K likes in two days, but many people are not glad about the way Kim looks in this so-awaited pic. A debate has been aroused, and there are even people asking themselves whether the woman whom the picture features is truly Kim Kardashian.

“Post botox Kim?” “What’s happened to Kim?” “U look so unnatural”… Many fans have expressed themselves with this kind of comments, criticizing her, although many have also defended her. There’s a second picture in which she doesn’t look so different from her previous self. So some people are wondering if some photographic software was applied to the picture.

Whatever happened, Kim Kardashian has returned to Instagram. Will she remain on it or will she leave it again?

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram. Brooklyn Beckham is the oldest son of soccer player David Beckham and his wife, the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Since some time ago, Brooklyn has had an Instagram account (@brooklynbeckham), where he has started some polemics from time to time. The latest one happened only two days ago, when he uploaded a picture that many users didn’t think was suitable for the young man’s Instagram.

Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram
Brooklyn Beckham Uploads Polemic Picture to Instagram

Brooklyn, who is currently 16, shared a picture taken by American photographer Mary Ellen Mark

which got published on the Life magazine in 1983. It depicted two young boys, one of which was holding a gun while they walked through the streets of Seattle. It’s a black-and-white picture that was included in the special issue Streets of the Lost. It has already been deleted by Brooklyn himself since polemics arouse.

Many users have pointed out that this is the kind of picture a boy the age of Brooklyn shouldn’t post. They also urged the teen’s parents to have a talk with their son. Many considered the posting a youth mistake, and reassured their love for the young Beckham.

However, there’s some who have investigated about the picture, which is more than 30 years old, and have asked the critics to inform themselves too. Mary Ellen Mark was a well-known photojournalist who centered her work on people who were outcasts, who didn’t fit into mainstream society. She worked for The New Yorker, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Life or Rolling Stone, amongst many others. And was awarded numerous awards for her journalism and her photographic skills.

It remains unknown, however, why Brooklyn uploaded the picture in the first time. Anyway, it this incident is a perfect example to show that, when you’re famous, you have to be very cautious about what you post. Otherwise, you may have to have a talk with your parents.

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram

Mama Don’t Preach – Not Even on Instagram. Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie has blocked his mother’s Instagram account, so that they don’t have any relationship on the social network. This decision made by the teenager has taken place in the middle of a legal battle for his custody. Rocco wants to live in London with his father, not in New York City with his mother, as he’s been doing so far.

Mama Don't Preach – Not Even on Instagram
The picture in question

His father and his stepmother, Jacqui Ainsley, haven’t been blocked by him and are amongst his 138K followers. It was a strike for Madonna, as he doesn’t prevent Jacqui and Guy from following him. The singer thinks this may only be a teenage problem. She even responded to her son’s decision with a black-and-white picture of herself and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, aged 19 and Rocco’s half-sister. On the picture, published on @madonna, she wrote the caption “Double trouble. Coming at you 2016.”

A judge in Manhattan will make Rocco return to NYC for an audience in February, while a London court has deemed that he can stay with Ritchie if he wants. These latest months, he’s bee touring together with his father, who is on his Rebel Tour around the world. When the judge asked if Ritchie had prevented the kid from returning to the USA, Ritchie’s attorney said that he had indeed.

Ritchie and Madonna were married between 2000 and 2008, and they had four children, whether natural or adopted: Lourdes Leon, Rocco, David and Mercy. She’s in good terms with most of them; in fact, the relationship was good even with Rocco, till this happened.

Let’s hope he unblocks his mother in a while, when they come to good terms.


Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on Instagram

Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on IG.

How did you spend your Christmas eve dinner? Was it good? Could it have been better? Whatever you answer, one thing is sure, you must have taken at least one picture. If you have an Instagram account, you’ll surely have uploaded some pictures of your dinner to it. We’re all equal, and celebrities are not different from anyone else. They also love packed presents, giant Christmas trees, family gatherings and so on. Everything that you’d miss in a Christmas day, stars have done it.

Celebrities Celebrate Christmas on Instagram
Merry Instagram Christmas to you all!

However, there’s a difference between how we normal people celebrate Christmas and the way stars do it. We could seen incredible houses and mansions. You can also see Taylor Swift making snowmen, Mariah Carey enjoying a cozy family time and Lucy Hale admiring the Christmas tree that – we suppose – she set up.

We can also see Christmas cards from famous families and royal families all around the world. The Kardashians have been offering us Christmas cards where all the family members appears. This year, they have decided to feature the four Kardashian kids: North, Penelope, Mason and Reign.

Regarding royal families, they have offered us even more adorable Christmas cards. The Duchess of Cambridge, prince Willam, the little George and Charlot or prince Albert and Charlène have appeared surrounded by their loved ones.

What about you? Have you uploaded a picture of your family to Instagram? You may have prepared a beautiful dinner, decorated the  Christmas tree beautifully, sang adorable carols with your family or friends or thrown the greatest party ever. Whatever you did, don’t forget to upload it to Instagram.