Birds on a Wall and on Instagram

Birds on a Wall and on Instagram.

Instagram is a well-known way for artists to get their work shown to the world. Many good artists, apart from having their own websites and promoting themselves there, have discovered that Instagram is one of the best ways to promote themselves. It’s the fastest-growing social network in the world, and it has a tremendous potential audience. Today we’re going to take a look at some of those artists whose work is – for the delight of so many of us – available on Instagram.

Birds on a Wall and on Instagram

Kim painting the wall

Let’s start with Jane Kim (@inkdwell), who comes from San Francisco. She used to work at an ornithology lab, but she has become more of an artist. She exhibits her paintings depicting families of modern birds. Her director asked her if she was interested in doing something like that, and, obviously, she said yes. She spent 16 months painting 243 bird families, taking special care of each picture. She did this on a wall measuring 40 by 70 feet. This helped her develop a relationship with each bird. Being an ornithologist, this was a logical consequence.

Now her 10.6K followers can admire her 197 posts. Not only mural birds, but also photographs, newspaper front pages, works of other artists who visited the bird mural and pictures from her visit to the Smithsonian, where she attended a talk and took the advantage to take pictures of a beautifully displayed rock exposition.

There are pictures of her painting the wall, and we cannot put in question that it took four years to complete. Let’s hope she starts new projects soon and lets us enjoy them thanks to Instagram.

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