Antonio Banderas official statement on heart attack

Antonio Banderas official statement on heart attack

Say what? That’s right, if you haven’t heard it yet, Antonio Banderas suffered from a heartattack. The Spanish musician has given an inform on his health during a press meeting yesterday, Saturday, March 25. He has told journalists and reporters that he suffered a heart attack two months ago.

“I suffered a heart attack on January 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage,” the actor who’s already 56 years old said to the members of the Spanish media in Madrid, according to the Associated Press. He additionally told them that, at the time, he expected that he simply had a heart “episode” and didn’t think too much of it. Even though, he has been in the hospital for a couple of days.

“It hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written,” he told reporters. Banderas clarified that his hospitalization involved a process. It consisted of placing three stents in his arteries to help keep them clear and blood flowing through them.

The Puss In Boots star produced fans to gamble on the fact that he might be having health issues. He has been seen at a Swiss clinic these past couple of days.

In response to these rumblings, Banderas wrote a post on Facebook to explain that he was doing just fine. “It seems like some media suffered a Heart Press Attack,” he wrote, referring to the name for celebrity gossip media in Spanish.

Antonio banderas is starring the movie Life Itself. It’s about the lives of people from New York to Spain, and how their paths have crossed through generations. Fellow actors are nobody less than Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde and Mandy Patinkin.