Blac Chyna gets trademark denied

Blac Chyna gets trademark denied

Another case has been resolved. Blac Chyna made a request to trademark the name Angela Renée Kardashian and it has been denied today.

The 28-year-old Lashed Bar owner is actually named Angela Renée White. She tried to legally obtain the name last spring, just after the announcement that she was pregnant with fiancé Rob Kardashian’s baby. The Karsdashian sisters — Kim, Khloé and Kourtney — weren’t too happy with the name and filed papers to block the trademarking.

The reason the three sisters didn’t want that name registered is because they would “suffer irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill if the opposed mark is allowed to register.”

The public delay made Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, stand up for her daughter and turned to social media: “Blacchyna has my support 110% no matter what! You just can’t stop what God has plans for,” is what the entrepreneur wrote on Instagram back in December. “Ps People need to relax it’s enough shine money Tv airtime play selfie sticks and camera footage for everyone! Sharing is caring but hold up didn’t they watch Mr. Rogers neighborhood! She grown but I am still her momma and I will go all the way in for mine.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians had preferred to resolve the issue peacefully

“Chyna filing and using their last name takes some time and discussion. They are hoping to resolve it amicably, the girls, because they do love Chyna. The girls are just protecting their interests because that is their brand. It’s a complicated business issue.”

Chyna and the sister’s brother, Rob Kardashian, welcomed their newest member to the family Dream in November. The couple broke up, again, in February and have been living in separate houses but a short time ago, it seems like there was a defrost in their boisterous relationship.