David Beckham Trolls His Son over Instagram Popularity Issues

David Beckham Trolls His Son over Instagram Popularity Issues. Two weeks ago, Instagram was again featured on the news worldwide thanks to a celebrity. However, it was not one of those celebrities followed by astonishing amounts of people. This time, Brooklyn Beckham – son of the world famous British soccer player David Beckham and his wife Victoria – was announcing that he had reached one million followers, when something beyond his will happened.

In the video, we can see a close-up of Brooklyn’s face as he says “So it’s my mom’s birthday today. I just got a million followers—” “I got fifty-two!” says his father, appearing on the upper right corner of the screen with a smile on his face. Brooklyn looks at him and hums, as if he were wondering “Why does my father do this to me?”

Of course, the video went viral, and now, more than a week after that, Brooklyn has an amount of 1.8 million followers, according to his Instagram follower count. His father said he has 52 – but it seems that Brooklyn wins this time.

Apparently, David didn’t know what Brooklyn was referring to. He does have 52 million followers – not on Instagram but on Facebook. So Brooklyn doesn’t really have to roll back his eyes, because he does have more Instagram followers than his father. As a matter of fact, David Beckham has no official Instagram account. We wonder how long it would take him, were he to create one, to surpass his older child.

Anyway, Brooklyn should be happy with that million (nearly two million) people who follow him on Instagram. If you want to get close to such an amazing figure, why don’t you check out some of the options you have to increase your followers. A little early push may mean getting to the millions in some time. Check it out!

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