Follow Them on Instagram, You Won’t Regret It

Follow Them on Instagram, You Won’t Regret It

Follow Them on Instagram, You Won’t Regret It. There are sometimes of the year when it feels like you need to renew yourself. And the start of a new year is one of those times. Now that we’ve already lived the first half of the first month of the year, it seems fine to try and follow some new accounts, be it to widen your horizon or to explore a topic you don’t know. Let’s get to it – less talking, more action!

Follow Them on Instagram, You Won't Regret It

One of the pictures by @ettisi

Let’s start with some aesthetic recommendations for this new time

Do you follow any architecture accounts? Have you ever stopped to admire the shape, the light and darkness of a building, the way it fits within the city? If you have, you’ll love @ettisi – and if you haven’t, what a good way to start. Stairs, train stations, windows full of balloons and especially light, light, light. If you don’t believe us you can trust its 92K followers. Nearly a thousand pictures to get lost amongst art, light and color.

If you haven’t had enough you can then follow @view_reflex. Run by an Amsterdam man, it gathers more than 16K followers who will also enjoy breathtaking landscape pictures, amazingly composed city pictures, looks into European capital cities and much more. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of this account in comparison to the other one is that nature and open spaces play a pretty big role in it. Rock cliffs, meadows, palm forests and waterfalls are mixed with stairs, skylines, roads and concrete buildings.

Finally, if you’re definitely more into nature and starry nights you must follow Adrien Leyronas, or @l_adrien (private account), a French explorer who likes to get lost on the top of mountains, by mirror-like lakes or into snow-covered forests. Added to the other two accounts, it offers a calming contrast, with all of its whites and pale yellows. Mountains and sunsets never mixed so well.

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