Who you need to follow on Instagram for some cooking motivation?

Who you need to follow on Instagram for some cooking motivation?

Who you need to follow on Instagram for some cooking motivation? The Covid-19 pandemic has locked us inside our homes. Most of us are not stepping out unless necessary. Social distancing and self-isolation create additional mental pressure apart from the fear of getting the infection. Amidst all this, one source of respite can be celebrity Instagram feeds. And if you love cooking and eating, you must enjoy videos where someone throws exciting stuff into a pan and makes something truly mouthwatering. It can be a beautiful distraction too, and quite evidently so as you can see as many as 200,000 tags in the hashtag #quarantinecooking.

Some share the real-time recipes, while others show they can cook too. There is another league of stars that like to talk about their clean kitchens. Seeing and learning from them is a pleasure as they successfully take your mind away from everything else. So, if you love food and don’t hesitate to don a chef hat, follow a few of these celebrated experts on Instagram for tips and insights.

Chefs to follow on Instagram for cooking motivation

José Andres

The Spanish-American chef is also the founder of World Central Kitchen (WCK). You can see him running across his kitchen with his daughters while trying to finish cooking a few dishes as long as a song plays. Within those few minutes, you can see him making fried rice, chicken, pasta, etc. He tags his challenges as #RecipesForThePeople. If you did not know about him, you could check his Instagram handle @chefjoseandres. His videos can be a delightful watch.

Chris Oh

He runs restaurants in San Francisco and owns a sauce brand too. He posts a minimum of one video daily on Instagram. And do you know he acquired this new habit during the quarantine? From his stories, you can get a sneak peek into his dalgona coffee, dumplings, and much more. His Instagram posts usually consist of snaps to highlight the ingredients and the final dish. Chris visits the grocery store mainly for his video content. You can follow him at @chefchrisoh.

Tim Hollingsworth

Have you been to restaurants Otium and Barrel & Ashes? The LA-based chef owns them. Right now, he shares a lot about his fondness for home-cooked meals on Instagram. And the fascinating bit is, he tells you about essential tips to make your everyday cooking fun and enjoyable. You can find him guide his followers about poaching an egg or how he made his chicken soup. You can also end up whipping delicious recipes out of leftover food and traditional ingredients from your kitchen cabinets.

You can light up your day with these and other celebrity chefs. Following Instagram stories can be a welcome change in your life in this lockdown season. Even if you are not the kind of person who enjoys elaborate meal preparations, you can watch them for inspiration. You can get help with everyday cooking without putting extra effort. And who knows if your simple food can start tasting super yum. You can go on adding more popular chefs in your list over time as soon as you immerse yourself in their culinary knowledge.