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Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with People

Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with People.

This year may have been the Year of Instagram. The photo-sharing social network has grown notably during the last months, apart from having become the interest of many companies. The fact that it gained more and more users, together with the easiness for brands to promote themselves on it, made everyone go crazy about Instagram.

Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with People
Brands are Using Instagram to Connect with People

However, 2015 is about to end. Thus, we must analyze what really happened. What did companies do on Instagram? What strategies are working for them? That’s what the last report by Simply Measured on brand presence on Instagram can tell us. The Instagram Industry Report has analyzed what companies are doing there. It’s especially focused on the Interbrand 100 (the most valuable brands in the world) and it has analyzed their presence on Instagram.

Instagram seems unstoppable now – and brands know it.

From this report it’s clear that brands are no longer afraid of Instagram. A lot of brands have entered Instagram, with little or no variation no matter the niche or sector of the brand. It means it’s not only something trendy because of the brands, but because it’s been spread all over social media.

Thus, 90% of Interbrand 100 companies have an Instagram account. 82% of them have their profile updated in the last month, and 80% upload at least one picture or video every week. They’re posting more than ever and updating their profiles more and more regularly.

Also, brands are using the same strategies to promote themselves that users use. They employ hashtags and emoticons in order to become appealing to people who use that same language. 35% of the brands used emoticons on their Instagram posts. The most used one was the photographic camera, followed by the heart, the trade-mark sign, the Halloween pumpkin… But the heart was the most used.

Does this mean brands want to get to our hearts through Instagram? Do you think they’ll do it eventually?


Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram

Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram. Just as it helps to make customs and traditions around the world more visible. Instagram helps make art and those who create also more noticeable. There are innumerable accounts devoted to art, for sure almost everybody follows at least one. But sometimes they can be not too visible, thus not getting all the attention they deserve.

Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram
Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram

Artists get credit for what they do thanks to exhibitions

Showing one’s work to the world may be difficult sometimes. Today it probably isn’t, thanks to the Internet, which can help you show your creations to people who are on the other side of the world. But there are some kinds of art which don’t seem to get the acceptance they deserve. We are referring, as you may have guessed, to street art.

Street art is one of the most evident yet disregarded kinds of art there are. Simply because it is just in front of our eyes. We see street art when we go for a walk, when we go shopping, when we go out to have dinner. But somehow we are not conscious about it being there.

Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram
Big or Small Artist – You Can Get to Many People Thanks to Instagram

Take for example Andrew Lamb, who has been making the Neighborhood Watch signs in Toronto, where he lives, more vivid and eye-catching. Without making the signs difficult to read. He makes them funnier “in a playful manner,” decorating them with his drawings of his childhood memories’ characters. Having Mr Spock or Super Mario looking after you must certainly be a nice experience.

Being watched by Kirk and Spock must make you feel safe

Although he does barely need to be presented, Bansky has his own account, where he uploads pics of his works in the streets of New York, and also encourages people look for his works throughout the city.

Both artists, Lamb and Bansky, share a passion to show the world their creations, and, thanks to Instagram, they can get the credit they deserve.

Instagram Helps Businesspeople Get Started

Instagram Helps Businesspeople Get Started. Since the Internet was created, it has been seen by businessmen as a way to reach more people. As time goes by, these ways of getting people interested in a certain business become more and more specialized. Earlier you had to create your own website to promote yourself. Now you can manage your Instagram account and get millions of people know you. The math is simple: the more people who follow you, the bigger your popularity. And, of course, there are many ways of doing so.

Instagram Helps Businesspeople Get Started
One of the tips from Instagram to potential businesspeople

Instagram knows that there are companies promoting themselves through it. So big are the number of companies and the influence they have, that there is an official blog dedicated to Instagram business. New campaigns launch through it, many different companies get into the spotlight thanks to it. If you check it right now, you will see Gap is now featured in the first place, but there are many more things going on in it.

It offers more services apart from promotion, though

These include tips for businesspeople, API examples and news from Instagram HQ. The newsfeed has been calm for five months, since the last update in November 2014, when Instagram started featuring adds in more countries than it previously did. You should stay alert, however! As it is the official app’s blog, important new features, decisions and discussion are very bound to happen there and be solved officially.

The blog complements the official Business page, in which potential users are encouraged to embrace Instagram and get a rise on their social and Internet presence. They also include tips and advice for entrepreneurs. They encourage, for example, taking your time when designing your brand image. Being conscious on what to post for a better promotion and so on. Quite a nice way of helping people reach people!

Instagram Hashtags – How They Work

Instagram Hashtags – How They Work. Back in January 2011, Instagram introduced what is now one of its distinctive features: hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the # symbol (from which they take their name, as it is called a hash symbol). They help search engines to find and categorize messages, keywords and, in the case of Instagram, pictures. Whenever someone searches some word or phrase preceded by the # symbol, they will find content labeled with that symbol. That helps searchers find what they are looking for and content uploaders classify and make more visible their own content.

Why are hashtags useful specifically on Instagram, though? Well, some accounts started using hashtags back in 2011 to promote events in a cool way. Through hashtags, users could encourage other users to upload some photo related with the content of their hashtag. They have also developed some new trends. For instance, they can be a way of promoting yourself. If you tag all your pics with your account’s name, you make it easier for other users to find and browse your own pictures without them having to go through your account and wait until your pics load.

Hashtags used in a photo from @iigersshooter
Hashtags used in a photo from @iigersshooter

You can also include tags in the description attached to your photo. Let’s imagine you upload a photo of your pet cat. Using a description such as “#Picture of my #dog running among the #flowers”, whoever searches one of the three tagged words may find your own photo. A nice way to promote yourself, isn’t it?

If you just want to classify your own photos, you can add hashtags with the place you took each one, who you were with or whatever you want to highlight about your pics. You can also look the trending hashtags and promote yourself according to them. Among the many ways you may use to promote your work, hashtags are a pretty easy one.

More Companies That Use Instagram As A Way To Reach People

More Companies That Use Instagram As A Way To Reach People. As we have previously said, Instagram is not an only-personal network, but also a place where many well-known companies can promote themselves Mercedes-Benz, for instance, increased its online activity by more than 50%. However, not only can the car industry take advantage of Instagram and other social media (especially Facebook or Twitter) – other companies, such as the widely-known Taco Bell and Ben & Jerry’s, two giants of the food sector, have also seen their popularity rise thanks to the social media.

More Companies That Use Instagram As A Way To Reach People
Taco Bell promotes itself through Instagram

Specifically, Taco Bell has reached 12 million and a half people (“18-44 year old Americans”) through Instagram

Only in the United States! What did the food chain and Instagram combine? As the company always does, a brainstorming was involved, and a distinctive campaign was finally crafted for Instagram. Thus, the “Live Más” campaign “drew inspiration from the Instagram community and resonated with the target audience”. They posted fun and active-lifestyle-promoting images with Taco Bell breakfast items, all combined in a natural way.

It definitely worked, as Taco Bell experienced a 29-point lift in ad recall. They raised awareness about their breakfast items, especially among younger males. They also controlled the frequency of the ads, so that people wouldn’t be fed up with them.


More Companies That Use Instagram As A Way To Reach People
Ben & Jerry’s also gets a lot of promotion through Instagram

Meanwhile, Ben & Jerry’s launched a similar campaign, aimed to “drive awareness for its creative and fun-loving brand”.

Moreover, the new Scotchy Scotch Scotch flavor was promoted. The ads were targeted to users between 18 and 35 (proof that the youngsters are, as in the Taco Bell case, the main target audience). What consequences did this have? 9.8 million people reached – only in the US! Moreover, 17% more people became aware of this new flavor.

As you’ve seen, companies can get enormous advantages if they know how to promote themselves on Instagram, and you can too! Why don’t you check out some of the features IIGERS is offering? You may also get your fan number increased!