Instagram Hashtags – How They Work

Instagram Hashtags – How They Work. Back in January 2011, Instagram introduced what is now one of its distinctive features: hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the # symbol (from which they take their name, as it is called a hash symbol). They help search engines to find and categorize messages, keywords and, in the case of Instagram, pictures. Whenever someone searches some word or phrase preceded by the # symbol, they will find content labeled with that symbol. That helps searchers find what they are looking for and content uploaders classify and make more visible their own content.

Why are hashtags useful specifically on Instagram, though? Well, some accounts started using hashtags back in 2011 to promote events in a cool way. Through hashtags, users could encourage other users to upload some photo related with the content of their hashtag. They have also developed some new trends. For instance, they can be a way of promoting yourself. If you tag all your pics with your account’s name, you make it easier for other users to find and browse your own pictures without them having to go through your account and wait until your pics load.

Hashtags used in a photo from @iigersshooter
Hashtags used in a photo from @iigersshooter

You can also include tags in the description attached to your photo. Let’s imagine you upload a photo of your pet cat. Using a description such as “#Picture of my #dog running among the #flowers”, whoever searches one of the three tagged words may find your own photo. A nice way to promote yourself, isn’t it?

If you just want to classify your own photos, you can add hashtags with the place you took each one, who you were with or whatever you want to highlight about your pics. You can also look the trending hashtags and promote yourself according to them. Among the many ways you may use to promote your work, hashtags are a pretty easy one. Protection Status for