Instagram Good For Everyone

Instagram Good For Everyone

Instagram Good For Everyone. If you use Instagram frequently, you may know that there are other webs related to it, in which you can socialize with other users, share your work, discuss whatever you want… One of those communities is Instagramers, founded by Phil Gonzalez. His history is that of a fighter: when Instagram was created, he realized the potential it had, so he started IGers – only to start a fight with Instagram itself, due to the similarity of both names.

Instagram Good For Everyone

Instagram Good For Everyone

However, he could make it to the top, Instagramers having more than 400 groups of users in 62 countries around the world. What does he think is the secret behind the success of Instagram? How can such a social network attract so many different people? Nowadays, Instagram has more than 300 million users, the figures getting bigger and bigger every day.

He thinks it is because of the versatility of IG

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get your work admired on Instagram. You don’t even have to upload your pics to be admired, but to be a souvenir of a nice moment with your friends, of a trip to a distant land or even of a nice afternoon you spent in the park.

Even if you’re famous, he says, you can find it funnier to have a photo taken with one of your fans. Then show it to the world through Instagram, than only keeping it to yourself and some friends. People make friends through other friends, why not through photographs?

It can also help you find people who share the same interests and hobbies as you. Thanks to the feature that lets you tag your pics. It is definitely another good way of keeping in touch with people and knowing their lives. No matter they are a trending Hollywood celebrity or your next door friends. Everybody is in!

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