Ikea, Photoshop Failing And Instagram Don’t Mix Well

Ikea, Photoshop Failing And Instagram Don’t Mix Well

Ikea, Photoshop Failing And Instagram Don’t Mix Well. There are some things that you expect to see on your social media. Good-looking food, cute animals, clothes and vacation pictures all deserve a place in our lives. They are a hint of our personal success, or simply things that make us happy. It is however difficult to see explicitly bad things on places like Facebook or Instagram. However, sometimes those little disgraces can become hilarious if you learn to take them with a pinch of salt. That’s what you’ll find if you check tags as #ikeafail. You may guess what it’s about, having that name. In fact, wouldn’t you be lying if you said that every time you’ve built a piece of furniture from Ikea it has come out as a masterwork?

Ikea, Photoshop Failing And Instagram Don't Mix Well

A DIY shelf gone a little wrong

It is very simple to err in a task like this. Many things can go wrong. You can get the wrong materials, they can lack some screws, a little mistake at the beginning can become a fatality in the long term. At least you will be still able to laugh, though – and share your “disgrace” with your followers!

Not only assembling an Ikea piece of furniture can go wrong

Have you ever tried to use Photoshop or any photo retouching software? If you have, you must know that it is difficult to modify an image and make it look like it has not been touched. There’s always something misshaped, something with the wrong color, something out of place. Not only normal people have their struggles against photo retouching software, but also celebrities.

We @PhotoshoppedWhat (removed account already)? Is an account which helps locate flagrant photoshopping mistakes in celebrities’ pics. No matter that you are the trending celeb or a normal person, you may find yourself amongst the other photoshopped fails if you don’t take care!

Do you know any other things that could get their own fail account?