Harry Dean Stanton and real followers Instagram app will miss him

Harry Dean Stanton and real followers Instagram app will miss him

Harry Dean Stanton and real followers Instagram app will miss him. Many real followers Instagram app will miss this man. Harry Dean Stanton was an actor best known for playing offbeat characters, and passed away due to natural causes at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Friday, September 15. He was 91 years old.


Stanton’s career bridged more than six decades. He most recently performed as Carl Rodd in the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks. He also featured in three seasons of the HBO drama Big Love as Juniper Creek compound leader Roman Grant. His final film, Lucky, which parallels his own life, is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, September 29.

The Kentucky native had impressive roles in films such as Alien (1979), Paris, Texas (1984), Repo Man (1984) and Pretty in Pink (1986) and there are lots of real followers Instagram app will miss him. His later appearances included Wild at Heart (1990), The Green Mile (1999) and Alpha Dog (2006).


Stanton was notably close friends with actor Jack Nicholson. They roomed together in the ’60s and costarred in several productions, counting Ride in the Whirlwind (1966), Man Trouble (1992) and Anger Management (2003). Stanton was even the best man at Nicholson’s 1962 wedding to Sandra Knight.


Prior to becoming an actor, Stanton served in the Navy during World War II which is probably why he is such an inspiration to the real followers Instagram app. He studied journalism and radio at the University of Kentucky before relocating to California to perfect his skills at the Pasadena Playhouse. In addition to his acting career, he led his own eclectic band called the Harry Dean Stanton Band, and would often play weekly gigs in L.A. clubs.

Stanton never married. He is stayed close to family and friends.