To buy likes on Instagram, first, know what can make it work for you

To buy likes on Instagram, first, know what can make it work for you. Going by the laid down rules of garnering followers and likes on Instagram, you must rely on organic techniques, which is a long and time-consuming process. The extended timeline could hinder you in keeping up with the competition that grows at a swift pace. Therefore, you must find out ways of speeding up the process of acquiring likes, followers, and comments that gives instant popularity to your posts, and your account draws a lot of attention. To achieve the goal, you must avail the option of buying likes on Instagram that accelerates the process of gaining high visibility that increases the popularity of the posts and the Instagram account.

Although the idea of buying likes is a hotly debated topic with skeptics and puritans strongly opposing the idea, there is yet not enough plausible explanation available about its demerits unless the likes and followers are fake. The purpose of buying likes, followers, and comments is to inflate the numbers and connect with real people that trigger real interaction and engagement for enriching the campaign while driving it in the right direction.

What happens when you buy likes on Instagram will become clear on going through this article.

Why you should buy likes on Instagram

To buy likes on Instagram, first, know what can make it work for you
To buy likes on Instagram, first, know what can make it work for you

Instagram’s popularity stems from its ability to generate the highest engagement, and a lot depends on the number of likes and followers that your posts and account can gain.  Gathering likes might not be difficult. But the real challenge is getting likes from real people that generate interaction and engagement. Since Instagram ensures the highest engagement among all the social media platforms. The lure of reaching out to a billion users is genuinely irresistible, which hates the competition and the reason for buying likes. Since Instagram is the fastest growing social media network with a growth rate of 5% in each quarter. The reason for such intense competition on the platform is quite understandable.

Instagram users are benevolent in acknowledging valuable posts, as evident from the heavy posting of content that touches 4.2 billion per day. To garner likes organically from such a vast audience, you must work very hard.

Speed up the process of acquiring likes

Numerous ways of gathering links organically are available from various internet resources. Which are all quite convenient to access, but it takes a long time to give results. You need to learn the best practices of garnering organic likes and acquire the skills for implementing the knowledge that increases the flow of likes to your posts. Simultaneously, the competition grows at a rapid pace. And by the time you are ready with your kitty of likes, it might not be sufficient to cut through the competition.

To align your like acquisition speed with the speed of competition, you must intermittently boost your inventory of likes by buying few likes from real people that accelerate the rate of acquisition and prevent you from falling behind the competition.

The link between engagement and followers

On analyzing the Instagram metrics, you will notice a close link between the number of likes and followers because it is most unlikely that followers will like a post multiple times.  To evaluate the quality of posts, Instagram relies on the signals triggered by likes and the number of followers behind them. Which ultimately helps to understand your account’s authority and influence on the platform. Therefore, you must attach equal importance to both metrics by establishing a logical relationship between the two, never to seem manipulated.  For example, if you have 1000 followers and garner only 50 likes for some posts. It shows that your follower base is dubious and consists of fakes, which can force Instagram to downgrade your account.

When buying likes, check the authenticity and ensure that there are real people behind it. Which generates actual interaction and engagement and adds value to the campaign. Avoid fake likes and followers at all cost by buying likes from companies with a proven track record that never offer any fake likes generated by bots that translate into numbers only without enriching the campaign. Buy real likes that flow from high-quality accounts only. And do your homework well before buying likes, even if it comes from reputable companies.  It would ensure that you know what you are buying.

The reciprocity rule

Since likes are intangible, it entails a buying process that is different from your experience of buying any commodity. It requires a proper understanding of the way Instagram looks upon likes. Which should help realize the importance of seeking likes from real entities only. Instagram strives to create real engagement based on the rule of reciprocity. According to the rule, the process of garnering likes for your posts should begin by you likening some posts of others that trigger a reciprocating action. Which results in a reverse flow of likes for your posts as a goodwill gesture.  Bear this in mind when you are buying likes that establish the two-way flow that replicates acquiring likes organically. It will help to earn the trust of Instagram by leaving no room to doubt your intentions of buying links.

Failing to demonstrate your good intention of generating real engagement by buying links. Can put you into trouble as it can attract Instagram penalty for engaging in unethical practices.

Issues that may arise from buying likes

Besides the ethical issues related to your decision to buy likes, other serious problems can arise.  With the online availability of Instagram likes from several companies with different delivery options to match your buying plans, it is very easy to buy likes in a click. Still, you must be aware of the consequences. Firstly, there is no guarantee about better engagement. There is a chance of facing the wrath of Instagram if it suspects some foul play. Secondly, despite a temporary boost in engagement, the risk of facing penalty remains.

Whether you should buy like is a personal choice based on risk analysis and your campaign goals. But remember that your ability to take risk becomes the determinant factor in deciding whether to buy likes.

Are there any benefits to buy followers on Instagram?

Are there any benefits to buy followers on Instagram? Social media platforms are dependent on the followers and likes that define user engagement and the popularity of the brand and the business. The value of content or post is directly related to the number of likes, comments, and shares. You can think of likes as votes, and the popularity of a post is equitable to the number of likes.

Social media has moved on from being a simple platform to connect with friends and family members. It is now finding its usage in marketing campaigns and business promotional events. Among the popular social media platforms, Instagram is at the top-most tier. However, for a high number of likes, you need the requisite number of followers in the first place.

Buy followers on Instagram for visibility

Are there any benefits to buy followers on Instagram?
Are there any benefits to buy followers on Instagram?

Your primary goal should be to maintain high-visibility on Instagram. In that regard, the metrics that matter the most are the followers and likes. When it comes to building a follower base or the loyal customer base for a business concern, consistent quality posting can only take you so far.

If you are looking to save on time, all you need to do is invest a bit of resource to buy followers on Instagram. It will give your follower numbers that much-needed push to get all the traction and traffic necessary. Keep in mind there are several third-party firms available who will provide you with real followers, likes, and comments for a charge.

There are several advantages to buying followers for a business organization. In the following section, we will take a look at all the pros of such an option.

The advantages

Instant credibility

The number of followers, likes, comments, shares, and subscribers is essential in the online world. These are critical tools for social proof that will make the masses join your forum. By buying a few followers at the start to make the numbers look authentic and respectable, you are boosting your chances of success in the near future as far as gaining credibility is concerned.

Once you have built a base of loyal followers with high user interactions, you will draw more potential customers to your concern and generate sales. Buying followers will allow you to enjoy a higher level of trust and inspire others to join in on the bandwagon. It is crucial for establishing a brand identity. When you are looking to speed up the process of attracting new customers, build a base first.

A jump-start for the process

Gaining social media and Instagram traction is easier said than done. Keep in mind that you must be in it for the long-haul with consistent and quality posts, user interactions, and giveaways. However, if you are looking to build your follower base organically, you will lag behind your rivals. Social media is a highly competitive environment, and you need to remember that your competitors will fight with you for the top spot. First impressions are crucial, and nothing builds up confidence more than a high-impact social media profile.

Brand presence and the critical elements of it

A considerable follower base goes a long way for establishing your brand’s authority in a specific niche. Keep in mind it is all about improving the public perception and maximizing the online presence. The more the number of followers, the higher the user interaction metrics, and consequently, your reputation and influence rise. Buying followers will allow you to divert attention to your brand, thereby accumulating value in the process.

Stay in the attention of the indirect followers

Instagram or any other social media platform, for that matter, is aimed at expanding networks. Once you can build the perfect interconnected web of networking, you can expect greater returns with smaller efforts. However, the keyword here is built. Sure, your posts will garner attention and start a conversation.

But with a high number of followers, you can start a ripple effect that will allow your brand to reach your followers’ followers. This ability to tap into the indirect followers and profiles beyond your network is why brands target Instagram for promotion and advertisement campaigns. As a business owner, it makes no sense for you to sit on the fence about this.

Higher visibility translates into higher revenue

When you leverage Instagram for your brands promotional and advertisement campaigns, you are doing more than just a simple, innocuous activity. When you buy followers, you are increasing the chances of more significant user interaction on your page. This will lead to higher visibility on the forum, the social media platform, and even search engines.

Keep in mind that brands that consistently perform admirably in the engagement metrics show year-round gains and higher revenue streams. User engagement is the positive attitude you are looking for in the customers. The more interest the audience shows, the higher your revenue is.

Cross-platform audience

If you are planning on using Instagram in isolation, all your efforts will ultimately get wasted. You are looking for a comprehensive social media strategy that considers all the popular platforms and strategizes accordingly. The more social media channels you can leverage to interact with the customers, the greater are the rewards. So, make sure you are strategizing for not just Instagram, but Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

Traffic and more traffic

Search engine algorithms, even the in-built one that supports Instagram follow a simple rule. If the content is relevant to the keyword and is popular, it is almost always ranked at the top of the SERPs. It means that traffic drives even more traffic. This is the reason why building up a follower base is such an acute necessity.

Ensure that you are taking a step in the right direction by purchasing real followers, likes, and comments on Instagram. If you are uncertain on how to go about it, hire professionals to help you and bet the best results. It will ensure that your brand stands out in the crowd and increases your reach, visibility, and authority. All the best!

Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram?

Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get through all the contents of something and discover things that you didn’t even know existed. Who knows how many amazing things we will never do or experience because they are hidden behind other things which don’t make us passionate but were there earlier. Think about Instagram, for instance. How many wonderful accounts will you never discover because you’re focused on other accounts that may not be as good? How many people could discover your profile and like it if they were given the opportunity to do so?

However, there’s a way to spread others’ Instagram pictures without having to spend years looking for that specific account – reposts. Reposting a picture means making it arrive at many more people than initially intended. Let’s say you have 100 followers and another user has 150. If they repost your picture, you’ll get to up to 250 people, and the only thing you needed is that someone posted your picture and gave you credit.

The key is to get everything spread as much as possible The key is to get everything spread as much as possible

iigers offers you the chance to have your pictures reposted by real users on their accounts. Maybe you’ve decided that you want a picture to get viral, or you think that it can earn you some extra followers, but you’ve tried everything to make other people aware of it and nothing has worked. Imagine what would happen if 200, 300 or even 1000 new people saw your picture. Surely, some of them would become interested in it, and you could earn some new followers simply for spreading a photo. gives you the chance to have between 1 and 10 pictures reposted onto other users’ accounts, so that more and more people be able to see what you do. You can give it a try and have one picture reposted for $5, and then if you like the results you can go up to 10 reposted pics for $20.

The point is, get to as many people as possible. We’re here to help you.

Make Your Instagram Pictures Get to Everyone

One of the reasons Instagram has become so popular is because it lets people connect with others around the world without being constrained by language barriers. Image gets to everyone, and anyone can understand it. Maybe there’s where Instagram success lies – in the simplicity of its premise.

But being the most popular social network in the world – or at least the fastest-growing one – doesn’t mean individual accounts will experience an exponential growth in their follower figures. Followers come through effort and exposure. If people decide that your pictures are worth sharing, they’ll share them – but the chances are totally random. You can’t foresee what level of success a picture will reach. What you can do, however, is help those pictures get spread. lets you share your most beloved pictures with the world thanks to reposts. Imagine you choose one picture and want it reposted. You simply have yo go to and tell us what Instagram picture you want reposted, and we’ll do the rest.

Your pics can get to the whole world with IIGERS.comYour pics can get to the whole world with

You can choose how much you want to take advantage of reposting Instagram pics – from only one up to 10 pictures. The higher the number, the bigger the offer. For $10 you’ll have 10 of your best pictures uploaded to other profiles all around the world, getting credited for the picture and letting many more people know you.

Don’t think however that your pictures will be shared by profiles which are not managed by people. That would be the easy solution. In, we try to make Instagram more human – that’s why your pictures will be shared by human profiles, in a personal, customized way.

Forget about bots and make your Instagram pictures get to the most people. Popularity is at the reach of your hand.