What Instagram Has Joined Together…

What Instagram Has Joined Together…

What Instagram Has Joined Together… We’re only a few days away from Valentine’s day. It seems the most suitable time to talk about love stories. The one we’re going to talk about seems to have been drawn out from a romantic movie, where the plot is far from being real. However, this time you cannot say that it is wholly a romantic movie, as the story we’re going to tell you is real.

What Instagram Has Joined Together...

What Instagram Has Joined Together…

Everything started when Arte Vann and Erica Harris met

They didn’t meet personally the first time, neither did they meet on a website for singles or for meeting your other half. It was on Instagram that they first met each other. They started talking and this went on for some months. Until they arranged a first meeting to see each other in person.

Arte bought a plane ticket to meet his Internet pal. And when his plane landed at the Ontario airport he met Erica, who had been waiting for him there – not because she was from there, but because he lives in NYC, and she lives in California. They were going to see each other in one of those places, but both decided to take a plane and met in Ontario.

What happened next? Did they go for a coffee? Did they go see a movie? Not at all. They got married. Erica has told that she isn’t in the least regretful for what they did, and that the story seemed to her like a fairytale. Just as he got down the plane. Arte took a ring out of his pocket and asked her to marry him.

Sometimes real life is more exciting than movies – but do you think they will last? For the sake of Instagram, let us hope they do.

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