InstagramEs, an account for Spanish speakers

InstagramEs, an account for Spanish speakers


InstagramEs, an account for Spanish speakers. Spanish is the second most spoken language amongst users on Instagram and, for that reason, a community manager, David Cuen thinks it is high time to give voice to that language through their app.

Thus, Instagram has lately announced that an account for the Spanish language will be created

The main purpose of setting up this space is, according to the co-founder. To show the moments and emotions captured by any user living in a country where Spanish is spoken. In that way, everybody, from everywhere, will be able to enjoy the spectacle the Spanish-speaking world offers to the rest of the planet.

There are already some Instagram accounts aimed at specific countries – e.g. Japan or Russia where, by posting pictures taken and videos recorded in such places. The users from all over the world can have a subjective panorama of them. However, in this case it is different. They are not dedicating an account to a Spanish country but to the Spanish community in general, including any place on Earth that this beautiful language is spoken.

This initiative will help the world know more about the different cultures and societies which have Spanish as their mother tongue, e.g. Spain, México, Perú, Equatorial Guinea, etc. And therefore, all the Instagram users who speak Spanish. Or at least, are studying it as a second or foreign language. Will have the chance to discover such mixture of lifestyles and conventions.

Such artistic vision of the native Spanish community would also improve the preconception about them, raising tolerance and equality. Hence, as we live in a world which is a hodgepodge of hybrid races and languages. A world which is becoming more and more multicultural and a place where boundaries between countries are turning blur. We need to promote our own cultural identity but also the things that make us be the same: people.

So, is the @instagramES account helping Spanish speakers

and their world become part of our lives or, on the contrary, it is making us doing that distinction between Spanish speakers and non-speakers?

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