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Connected to Instagram via e-mail

Connected to Instagram via e-mail. Nowadays we have the tools to stay connected to the world thanks to the social networks. However, we cannot spend 24 hours per day checking what is happening somewhere else or what other people are doing, can we? – or being more realistic: should we?

Instagram knows we cannot check the pictures our friends upload there every time we feel like so they have started a new way to keep us informed about our Instagram universe. It has been stated that even over 300 people are on this miscellaneous universe full of the stories of our lives described by images, a high percentage of it prefers not to visit that outer space too often in case they get rid of oxygen.

Connected to Instagram via e-mail
Connected to Instagram via e-mail

Although it is still in its testing period, they plan to launch a new service that is expected to help in this matter. As it has been declared, Instagram users will soon have the chance to receive in their e-mail inbox a selection highlighted pictures that will sum up the activity in their ‘timeline’ they did not have the opportunity to notice during the day or the week. This assortment of images would be done according to the likes and the comments they received, being considered the most popular among your followers and friends and thus, more interesting and appealing to you.

Hence, as Twitter has already done, Instagram will help us – via e-mail – keep updated and informed about what interests us most, even when we do not have time to check the app. The purpose of this is to attract new users and to make that people who are already part of the Instagram universe but, for reasons of any kind, they stay somehow ‘disconnected’, to use the app more.

However, my question here is: is it going to make people visit their Instagram account more often or, on the contrary, are they going to adapt to the new service and conform to the summarized version of the pictures you are offered from time to time?

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