Instagram, Home of Celebrities’ Copycats

Instagram, Home of Celebrities’ Copycats

Instagram, Home of Celebrities’ Copycats. Angelina Jolie doesn’t have an official Instagram account. However, this doesn’t prevent her fans from following her fan account, a profile full of old pictures of her. @angelinajolie_offiicial is now followed by 3.3 million people, having almost a thousand pics of Jolie. While she doesn’t make a decision regarding opening an account on Instagram, her fans can follow this fan account or choose Chelsea Marr (@chelsealmarr), who, apart from being only 24 years old, is an exact copy of her.

Instagram, Home of Celebrities’ Copycats

Jolie or Marr? You guessed right, it’s Marr

The resemblance between this 24-year-old woman and Angelina Jolie is astonishing: sensual lips, clear eyes, a similar haircut and even the shape of their eyebrows. As the media took a look at her, she had to deal with it. She even had to clarify things on a Facebook post. She’s not a model, but a manager for a gas and oil company; also, she had to talk about the operations she underwent. She didn’t have them done in order to look like anybody. Likewise, she’s improved her lips, her nose and her breasts – but just for herself.

Jolie is not the only celebrity who’s got a copycat out there

Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry have also found exact copies of themselves on the net. Jessica Burciaga (@jessicaburciaga), who looks like an exact copy of Lopez, has even appeared on pictures wearing a dress similar to the one Lopez wore to the Grammys in 2000.

Finally, we have Jimena Sánchez (@jimenasanchezmx) who is called the Mexican Kim Kardashian – no wonder why, just look at her pics. She has almost a million followers and she even spoke on TV – where she works as a sports anchor – about the resemblance between herself and Kim Kardashian.

Do you know any other doppelgänger on Instagram?

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