Gimmicks that attract more Instagram followers to Hollywood celebrities

Gimmicks that attract more Instagram followers to Hollywood celebrities
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When eye-catching photographs of your favorite celebrities, look attractive you must be thinking about which Photoshop application they must be using. From the background to the theme to the color, everything attracts you. The main secret behind this is the editing process and celebrities also buy Instagram followers. However, it is not a highly technical process that requires technological know-how.


All you need is a system and creativity. Surveys reveal that celebrities used certain intriguing tricks for mastering the art of high-quality selfies. They use the latest tricks when posting their pictures on Instagram. The social media forum has emerged as a connection between celebrities and millions of followers. By using these tricks, they increase the overall appeal of their posts.


So what is it that makes the users go “wow” on Hollywood celebrities on Instagram? For revealing the bright side of the picture, they use recent tricks, making their post stand out. Hence, you may use the same to make your post stand out.


Some sneaky edits used by Hollywood celebrities on Instagram


When you look at the most followed account on Instagram, you will find they are mostly celebrities. Gone are the days when it was risky to connect with your favorite film star. By sharing shots from the recent photoshoot and attending formal and casual events, celebrities have been trying to create a buzz about their personal life. The tricks and tips they use on Instagram are listed below.



It is the latest trick which most celebrities utilize while posting their pictures. It makes them look feminine, young, and floaty. By narrowing the eyes and curving the lips, they play with each aspect. It helps them raise their cheekbones and makes their face appear young.


Brushing the hair on one side:

you have to master the art of taking photographs from Kylie Jenner. She always posts pictures with her hair brushed on one side. When you keep your hair partitioned, it defines the jawline and makes you look better. You can increase the feminine aspect of your look and appear stunning. It also showcases the length of the hair and makes your face look narrower.


Smize method:

a recent technique that Hollywood celebrities use. Tyra Banks was the first to mention this in a popular show. She has taught various models how to use the camera by focusing on certain angles. Smize is a trick of smiling while using your eyes to squint them slightly. It makes the smile look authentic without you having to move your lips.


Play with your tongue:

for defining your cheekbone and achieving that extra control, you can press your tongue against the palate. However, people can use this trick in makeup. It gives a very natural look while you keep the mouth closed. In addition, it raises the cheekbone and gives a definite angle to your face.


Take your picture from above:

shooting pics from a higher angle improves various dimensions of your face. It not only gives an impression of elevation but is a famous selfie-taking mode. You may find your favorite celebrities using this technique to overcome lousy lighting as it alters beautiful features of the face and thereby exposes the best angle. It has helped them get vast Instagram followers. Hence, when you take your picture next time, you can play with this cue.


The tone of your lipstick:

lips pictures have become a recent trend among some celebrities. Hilary Duff and Chrissy Teigen are using this technique for coming up with perfect images. Just pouting your lips by trying to move the nose muscle down is the trick behind this. It creates a positive impression of your lips and exposes the gorgeous pose of your face.


Laughing smile method:

the method is not a natural smile but a fake smile. It gives an impression that you are smiling with a mouth slightly angled. If you are not comfortable with lips posts, you may go for a laughing smile to enhance the appeal of your post. Various Hollywood celebrities have been using this technique to make their uploads look adorable. It also gives a fun and casual appeal and makes you look younger.


Left side selfies:

although there is no hard and fast rule about selfies, taking your photographs from an angle is always a better option. There are Hollywood celebrities who have been emphasizing this side. However, it all hinges on what suits you. The left side is considered more attractive and active. Since it resembles the right hemisphere of your brain, it expresses your emotions visually.


Apart from this, the chin-down technique is another recent trend gaining popularity these days. You can take candid pictures by looking away from the one who’s taking the picture. By trying these tricks and tips, you may add fun to your posts on Instagram. Just the way your favorite Hollywood celebrities do.