List of Hollywood celebrities who use Instagram to expand their popularity

List of Hollywood celebrities who use Instagram to expand their popularity
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List of Hollywood celebrities who use Instagram to expand their popularity

Instagram has gained immense popularity in recent times as a robust social media platform. More than 500 million users connect with it every month. The platform not only gives you a chance to connect with others; it helps you take a look at the personal life of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. When you get exposed to high-quality pictures of your favorite stars, it makes you drool. By providing behind-the-scenes videos and mesmerizing pictures, Hollywood celebrities have created quite a stir on the Instagram platform and may buy real Instagram followers.They continued to remain at the forefront of the game of getting followers on Instagram. Since they have a vast fan base, they use the platform for connecting with the same.


From the dreamy post to the quick boomerangs, they have been using several tactics for creating a trend. Hence, you cannot miss out on their posts and contents. However, to understand how celebrities stay in the limelight, you have to look at each of them in detail.


Top Hollywood celebrities who use Instagram for furthering their reach


The most followed Hollywood stars on Instagram are other ones who have been consistent with their posts. Best and talented actors and actresses have been working hard in creating a buzz among their followers. They made a style statement and gave a glimpse of their regular lives through their posts. Hence, take a quick look at each of them in details:


Dwayne Johnson:

Also known as the Rock, Dwayne is a renowned actor in the Hollywood industry. He was a professional wrestler before he entered this industry. He is a successful actor who has millions of followers on the Instagram platform. Moreover, apart from being a mainstream actor, he is also an American producer. Apart from his outstanding skills in acting, he is also the most followed actor on different social media platforms.


Jennifer Lopez:

A famous American singer, Kama renowned dancer, and actor Jennifer Lopez is known for her charm and acting skills. She has worked in The Fly Girl Dancer Series and has pursued her acting career since 1993. Moreover, she is the first Latin American actress who earned more than $1,000,000 for her film. She is not only known for her glamour but also the way she handles her Instagram platform. Since she possesses a love for art and dancing, she shares posts related to her interests and family life.



A songwriter, singer, and a renowned actress, everyone knows Rihanna Fentyl. She is the most followed actress on the Instagram platform who is known for her confidence and strength. She has gained immense popularity in the music industry and has her makeup line. Hence, following her on Instagram is a pleasure for all. People never miss the opportunity to take a look at her post. With classy photos and boomerangs, she has always remained at the top of Instagram posts.


Kevin Hart:

You can hardly do without Kevin Hart when it is about comedy. He has used his fortune on various platforms. He uses every opportunity to make people laugh. With a great sense of humor, he tries to invoke self-depreciation. Moreover, he has been using his experiences to instigate comedy and reaching out to large audiences. As a result, his comedy reputation has seen a surge in recent times. Furthermore, he has also worked in multiple Hollywood films and has more than fifty-seven million Instagram followers.


Cara Delevingne:

A renowned actress and a model, Cara Delevingne is known for her film Suicide Squad. She has also grabbed the model of the year award in the year 2014. With more than forty-one million followers on the Instagram platform, she constantly keeps them updated with her recent series and crazy photographs.


Tom Holland:

Tom Holland is a successful actor who is well known for his dance moves. His role as Spiderman and the character in civil war 2016 has gained immense popularity. He has worked extensively and has gained fame at a very young age. He makes it pretty sure to keep his followers up to date with his high-quality pictures on the Instagram platform. Some celebrities may even buy real Instagram followers to grab eyeballs.


Moreover, Venessa Hudgens and Priyanka Chopra have also been using this platform for showcasing their journey in Hollywood. It takes hard work to keep the fans updated and motivated. Apart from this, Bella Thorne is also known for her vast follower base and high-quality pictures on Instagram. Lastly, Hollywood stars have tried their level best never to fail and disappoint their fan base. By sharing snapshots of television series and films, they have been attempting to keep their followers engaged and busy. The high competition on this platform requires them to always come with creative posts, mesmerizing their fans.