Instagram And Food

Instagram And Food. We have already talked about some accounts which post specific content. Famous people’s photos, photos which share a certain feature, creepy accounts and cute ones… However, we would like to dedicate today’s article to one of the most interesting things featured on Instagram – food.

Instagram And Food

Instagram And Food

Many people use Instagram as a way of sharing their daily lives with their followers

Among the things they share there are photos of the places they visit, the people they are with, and, occasionally, food. It is not strange for people to upload a photo of the meal they’re enjoying at a restaurant or de dinner their partner has cooked or the healthy breakfast they start their day with. Each one of these dishes has been previously posted on Instagram by hundreds of people. And, given that its popularity is so high, food has gotten its own specific accounts.

We have already talked Cooking For Bae, where, as you remember, cooking went horribly wrong. However, there are more accounts which picture beautifully prepared food. One of those is, for instance, Alexandra, a “plant eater”, as her bio says, who makes her dishes look like impressionist paintings, full of color and life. Most importantly, she posts healthy food, so it can be a very good way of encouraging people who want to change their lifestyle and go green. She posts their dishes together with a short recipe for each one.


Instagram And Food

A dish by Samantha Lee

Another example of the almost infinite possibilities of food can be seen at Samantha Lee’s account, where she posts her creations. She defines herself as a “food artist”, and it’s not hard to see why. She makes dishes especially created for children. We know that sometimes it is difficult to get them to eat. If you’ve ever had this problem, we suggest you take a look at Samanthas account!

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