Celebrities use Instagram live for their fans during the lockdown

Celebrities use Instagram live for their fans during the lockdown

Celebrities use Instagram live for their fans during the lockdown

The pandemic has shut almost all of us inside our homes. Even stars and superstars are not immune to this. But they are still trying to reach out to their audience to keep them entertained during the grim situation. Some are reading books, while others are playing music. In essence, they are keeping up with the spirit of ‘the show must go on,’ and Instagram live is their ultimate tool. Some of the well-known faces you often see on this platform include singers like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, actor Hilary Duff, and so on. They are in home isolation to protect themselves from the virus outbreak. Still, they don’t leave any stone unturned to engage with you.

A sneak peek into what celebrities are doing on Instagram

Some leading performers, such as Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard, made headlines with the popular hashtag #TogetherAtHome while streaming their music to entertain thousands of followers stuck at home. Besides, they are also connecting with them to spread critical information like wash hands and stay home in these trying conditions, invoking a sense of community.

If you follow the young singer Justin Bieber, you can see him also on Instagram. In recent posts, he emphasizes fitness and sticking to a regime. You can even look at the well-chiseled upper body of the heartthrob of millions and get ready to be influenced.

The shirtless photo gives you a good view of the tattoos on his body. One side of his chest features a lion and the other side a bear – both ferocious creatures.  Since he has been sharing a lot of images without shirts on Instagram, it may not be a surprise for you anymore, but you still cannot get enough of it. His Instagram feed can easily inspire you to adopt healthy habits and experience the fruits of your hard work. And to remind you, only a healthy body can have better immunity, and if your immune system is strong, you become less susceptible to any infections.

However, celebrities don’t stop at these. They go ahead to promote mental and emotional wellness also, which is at high risk due to social distancing and feeling of loneliness. For this, some performers encourage people to take up meditation for their mental peace and stress relief. If you watched singer Lizzo on Instagram, you would know what this means. Then, others are hosting live shows to talk about coronavirus with their fans.

Not only singers and actors are making the most use of Instagram in these lockdown days, but there are celebrities from other fields also helping people to keep their social distancing and lockdown woes at bay. The chefs are rustling up delicious and easy recipes for home-cooked food, while nutritionists guide everyone on how to keep their calorie intake in check while opting for canned or readymade food.

Anyone who misses the fun in their life and feels lonely can visit their favorite celebrity Instagram walls to add some sunshine during these dull moments. Listening to them or seeing their happy faces can be reassuring in many ways.