Larry David: Purchase Followers

Larry David: Purchase Followers

Larry David was the host of the Saturday, November 4, episode of Saturday Night Live and some of his jokes from his opening speech were not well accepted and this could be an inspiration to purchase followers.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star took full advantage of his seven-minute standup chance. He used it to compare himself to Quasimodo, discuss his modest beginnings and speak up about the recent sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood. Flinching, David remarked that he’s found a pattern in the fact that many of the predators in Hollywood are Jews: “I consistently strive to be a good Jewish representative. When people see me I want them to say, ‘Oh, there goes a fine Jew for you!’”

“I’ve always been obsessed with women, and I’ve often wondered if I’d grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would I be checking women out in the camp? I think I would,” the Seinfeld cocreator later said, before complaining that there are no “good opening lines” in a concentration camp.

The jokes irritated many who took to social media to express their feelings about the comedian. Purchase followers!

One Twitter user wrote, “I’m not a Jew, but I’m low-key offended by Larry David’s holocaust jokes on #SNL. Not cool.” Another wrote, “#SNL I can’t believe they did jokes about a concentration camp I just can’t believe what I just saw #LarryDavid it will never be okay to do.”

Some fans protected David, with one tweeting, “Oh look. A bunch of non Jews are telling Larry David, a Jew, he can’t make holocaust jokes. I Hate 2017. #SNL.” Another wrote, “Judging by how upset everyone is at Larry David’s SNL monologue on Twitter, I’m guessing it was hilarious.”

Whether he was funny or not, David was a trending topic on Twitter Saturday night.