What are your favorite celebrities reading amid lockdown?

What are your favorite celebrities reading amid lockdown?

What are your favorite celebrities reading amid lockdown? A lot of stars took to book reading during the quarantine. If you are aware, the leading American singer, author, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow started a book club in April through company platform Goop. She encouraged the community to read a specific book and then connect online. The Oscar winner sounded enthusiastic on Instagram when discussing her personal experience of reading Fanny Singer’s Always Home. She praised @fannysinger’s recipe writing style. However, this is just one example. There are many other celebrities also who took to this habit and enjoyed it too. Let’s check out who read what and how.

The books celebrities picked during the quarantine

The power couple Barack Obama and Michelle Obama joined hands to read children’s books for kids locked down in their homes due to the pandemic. They chose The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds, among others. Sometimes, Michelle did solo storytelling sessions also. In one of her Insta posts in May, she even mentioned how much she enjoyed reading books with the young readers on Mondays. She also expressed her gratitude to parents who shared photos of their kids reading books and finding little time for themselves amidst the tensed conditions.

The philanthropist, chat show anchor, and actor, Oprah Winfrey, is also quite active on Instagram with nearly 335k followers. She also discusses what she reads there. For example, she picked Bob Kolker’s Hidden Valley Road. She posted a lot of questions around chapter five of this book for discussions.

Then, Reese Witherspoon (Hollywood actor) also selects one book every month with a woman as the central character. During the lockdown month, she chose Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. She has 1.6mn followers on her social media channel Instagram. Her book club is quite active, where fellow readers participate and exchange their experiences. The club tends to have limited seats. If your tastes match with her, you can enroll in one of the sessions through the Instagram page.

​The popular American actor Jennifer Garner selected Ken Geist’s The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark and read it on Instagram. With Amy Adams, she hosts the SaveWithStories Instagram page too for reading stories. Through this activity, they also raise funds for feeding needy children. Even Amy Adams also read a book by Aviana Olea Le Gallo on the same charity Insta page. It was Dinosaur Princess.

Why should you and your kids also need to devote time to book reading in this lockdown?

When you see your favorite celebrities doing something like this, it becomes an inspiration instantly. The lockdown and this pandemic period are taking a toll on mental and physical wellbeing. In these times, you need to feed your brain and soul something positive, so your minds remain away from unnecessary disturbances. If you need reasons to make time for it, it will be better to join one of the book clubs hosted by these celebrities. Seeing and interacting with them can give you an additional boost. You have to connect with the fellow readers to get into this healthy habit, though.