Instagram photos: A sneak peek into Indie brands celebrities swear by

Instagram photos: A sneak peek into Indie brands celebrities swear by

Instagram photos: A sneak peek into Indie brands celebrities swear by. There is a misconception that celebrities always wear luxury designers. While they have easy access to any brand or stylist in the business, celebrities also enjoy indie brands. The stars can even help them attain global exposure. For instance, if you noticed Gigi Hadid’s Instagram live, she wore a bowling shirt by a brand called Holiday The Label. After seeing this, her fans started searching for this label.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, celebrity street styles have changed as you often see them in face masks and relaxed outfits nowadays. Still, the fashion brigade has managed to coordinate their casual and going-out look well. You must have seen them in a crewneck sweatshirt or a cropped Mirror Palais top combined with low-waist bottoms. All that they sported looked fabulous. And, even during the pandemic and lockdown situations, they don’t stop promoting rising brands before their fans, also if that means doing it from their homes.

Here is a quick look into some indie labels that celebrities are gushing over, and you can sense it through their Insta updates.

Mozh Mozh

A brainchild of Mozhdeh Matin, this brand endeavors to protect Peruvian textiles. It uses natural rubber, wool, alpaca, and cotton in its products, including clothes, handbags, and jewelry. Kendall Jenner wore crochet Zanga Skirt from this label, while Bella Hadid sported Natural Rubber trench coat and pants.

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize is a namesake label launched in 2013. It reminds people of the styles of Nigeria. Famous personalities like Yara Shahidi and Childish Gambino made a stunning appearance in bold prints created by the label. You can even scroll through Yara Shahidi’s Insta feed to see what she chose.

Holiday The Label

The brand is well-known for its checkered print. If you follow Gigi Hadid on Insta, you must have seen her in one of its creations. However, apart from her, other famous artists like Kourtney Kardashian and Cami Mendes also support this. It is an Australian brand specializing in cheetah, cow, floral, and newspaper designs, serving as the reminder of the 90s era.

Fe Noel

This Brooklyn label by Felisha Noel creates lively colors and prints. The designs reflect the fashion designer’s love for travel and her Caribbean roots vividly. From Gabrielle Union to Beyonce, you can see a lot of celebrities showing interest in this. You have to revisit their Instagram feeds to see who wore what from here.

By Far

Another indie brand that can stoke your attention is this Bulgarian label started by Sabina Gyosheva and Valentina Bezuhanova. It started with shoes in 2016, and from there, it went on to make handbags. Most of their products reflect the 90s era, something that any modern designer would enjoy. The label has managed to draw enough love from street style celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Kaia Gerber.

Well, the list is long. There are many more such celebrity favorite brands. These include Mirror Palais, Telfar, Elliss, Musier Paris, etc. All of these have something unique, which helps famous stars to go with them.