The Weird Side of Instagram

The Weird Side of Instagram

The Weird Side of Instagram. As the now most appealing social network on Earth, Instagram is filled with people. What does that mean? It means that you’re going to get extremely viral if you once do. It means that companies have more promotion opportunities. And, finally, it means that the number of weird accounts is much higher than for other social networks. Here all the weirdos gather together, even though they haven’t yet created a big mega-weird account. If they did, Internet would be doomed. Want to know what some of these accounts do?

The Weird Side of Instagram

Isn’t that inspirational?

Let’s start with a pretty normal one – @satiregram. Here imagination is the most important thing, as the pictures you’ll see are not pictures but phrases. They’re mere descriptions of pictures that any normal Instagram account would be uploading: “A picture of my movie ticket for Star Wars,” “Look at these leaves,” “Another cliché couple picture.” It’s fine because you can know what is trending on Instagram at any moment – you just have to read it.

OK, let’s jump to something you wouldn’t see on Instagram every day. Go check @mrpimpgoodgame, You may ask yourself why he’s got 180K followers – and before noticing you’ll be one of them. He only takes selfies. That’s it. No landscapes, no frappuccino, no group pictures. Just his face once and again. Not so weird if you read the text on his profile: “I am the leader of the selfie movement.” No wonder why there are so many selfie-takers – they’re just following the leader.

Let’s finish with another satire of Instagram. @unspirational is a profile full of quotes standing in front of pictures of the sky, filtered beaches, the countryside… However, you should stop and read the captions: “Being awake is overrated”, “I don’t like to call it making love – “I prefer to call it disappointing people,” “Please stop sending me friend requests we only met once and i barely remember you.”

Do you have any other weird accounts? Let us know!

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