Cher at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Cher at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

What a queen! Our absolutely stunning Cher took us and everyone there back in time with her amazing performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 21. She truly nailed it!

The pop icon is now 71 years old (as of from this Saturday). She lit up the stage at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena with a spectacular combination of two of her biggest hits: 1998’s “Believe” and 1989’s “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Cher was dressed in a sexy, skin-baring, white glittery ensemble. She irradiated thoughtful nostalgia feelings when she united with her coryphées to groove her way through an animated version of “Believe.” When the camera hit back to the audience, you could see celebs like for example Vanessa Hudgens, or Blake Shelton. They were seen singing along to the hit tune. With a very cheerful choreography, combined with confetti and a platinum wig, the chart-topping diva nailed the show.

After a brief pause, the artist came back to the stage in a very different look that was very similar to the sheer black catsuit she wore for her music video “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Cher also put on a enormous, curly black wig for the second part of her concert. She sent out durable vocals and an absolutely violent attitude.

At the end of her performance, the Las Vegas headliner accepted the significant Icon reward from Gwen Stefani. “I’ve had so much help. I’ve had the greatest people to work with. … I think luck has so much to do with my success,” she humbly said in her acceptance speech. “I think it was mostly luck and a little bit of something thrown in.”

We all know Cher as The Goddess Of Pop. Where you watching the 2017 Billboard Music Awards live? What did you think of her look?