Why businesses are increasingly using Instagram

Why businesses are increasingly using Instagram

Why businesses are increasingly using Instagram.

Small, medium-sized and big companies are becoming aware of the power of the online world. The benefits of those companies who have a good online presence had increased constantly since Internet was born. For years, the different social networks had become an essential tool to put into practice a good strategy of marking online. Not for nothing the social networks host millions of potential clients that the different companies want to reach at any rate.

But amongst the most important social networks, Instagram stands out as the one that is growing the most, both in “normal” users and in companies. Said companies have identified Instagram as the perfect platform to promote their products and services thanks to its simplicity. The artistic possibilities it offers to its users and the unstoppable growth of the number of its active users.

65% of company have Instagram account

Why businesses are increasingly using Instagram

Why businesses are increasingly using Instagram

The data reflect that, even though Instagram doesn’t have a conception as massive as other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is very close to their figures. With respect to the companies. More than 65% of them claim they already have an Instagram account. At the same time a 20% of them think that Instagram will be the most important social network for their strategies of online a social media marketing in 2015. Even if it doesn’t have a system for companies as effective as the one put into practice by Facebook or LinkedIn. The attractiveness of the pictures and their designs have won the hearts of users and companies alike.

Instagram’s growing popularity amongst different kinds of companies

is also shown by its increasing number of specialized and professionalized profiles. Approximately 60% of the business profiles on Internet are managed by marketing professionals. Even if only approximately the 5%-7% of them referred to specialized external agencies. Those are similar figures to those achieved by Facebook, for example.

Given the importance of being popular on Instagram, companies also use innovative online strategies to increase their number of followers. One of these new strategies is the use of companies like IIGERS, where you can buy followers on Instagram, likes and comments. Through IIGERS you can get followers that are absolutely real and their interactions are too. Also, you can buy as many followers as you want, at any time you need. This shows the great importance that Instagram has achieved among business of the whole world that have included this successful social network in their strategies of marketing online.

But there is no doubt whatsoever that, in its own way. Instagram has been a breath of fresh air in the world of social networks. It has revolutionized the way to promote business on Internet. What will Instagram do next to achieve an even bigger success?

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