What is Jessica Yellin’s News Not Noise On Instagram?

What is Jessica Yellin’s News Not Noise On Instagram?

What is Jessica Yellin’s News Not Noise On Instagram? The 49-year-old famous American journalist and a household name Jessica Yellin couldn’t believe her ears when Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, a leading infectious disease expert, said yes to come on her Instagram show “News Not Noise.” She asked her assistant a volley of questions to confirm if what she heard was true, something that all of us do out of excitement, nervousness, and a mix of emotions. Earlier she worked as a correspondent for CNN White House and talked to prominent politicians like Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Barack and Michelle Obama, and others. After all the past achievements, having Fauci on her news platform on Insta seems to be another big victory.

Sneak a peek into the interview and her platform

Fauci’s interview was about the gathering on the 4th of July, which received as many as half a million views. Even Hollywood celebrities were not behind in demonstrating their support. Jessica Seinfeld, Selena Gomez, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, and Amy Schumer are to name a few who were all praise for her work.

Yellin started her venture in 2018 during summer, intending to help reach the news to an untapped audience through “News Not Noise.” She wants to draw attention through empathy and concern, which she believes Hollywood has it.

The inspiration behind her Instagram news channel

Jessica’s father, Ira, was a real estate professional, who led the rehabilitation of Los Angeles downtown. In 1984, he bought Grand Central Market, which Yellin and her family restored after the demise of her father in 2002 and sold. The family supports public service, and her home used to contribute to community and country through a variety of political and civic events.  She is a great admirer of her father. Her father would say excelling at work is not everything until you build this world into a better place. Yellin’s late father, Ira, liked teaching, and he felt obliged to do this.

Jessica’s News Not Noise is very basic and streamlined. She puts up a three to five-minute video every day covering significant events and their importance. Her Instagram Stories are comparable to an extensive news digest. You can find links in those stories to read the most relevant article of the day and her CliffsNotes.

Yellin realizes that the main difference between what she did in the past as a CNN White House correspondent and what she is doing on her personal social media channel right now is the immediate access to audience response.

Well, the American star journalist seems to be quite busy with her newfound efforts. She spends a considerable amount of time on reporting details. Things keep her so busy that she struggles to manage time for meditation, exercise, and others. If you don’t know about her academic background, she went to Harvard University and interned at the White House when Clinton was in power. She chose journalism after watching the President’s press briefings. Yellin worked in local and national news also. From there, she reached to the level of White House reporting.