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Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey

Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey. When Kevin Systrom and Mark Krieger met, they couldn’t think that they would start the most important networking project of the decade. Their ways had been separated their whole lives. Systrom had grown up in Google as a product executive before going out to the world. He and Krieger created a check-in tool that allowed users to post their plans. It was called Burbn, and it turned out to be very complicated for the average user.

What happened next? As they saw that users wanted no complication in social networks – they were calling for an intuitive app – they focused on pictures. Burbn had a function that let users send pictures to each other and proved to be the most used one. That’s how Instagram was born, or re-born, from the ashes of its older sibling Burbn.

Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey
Instagram Was Born Next to a Glass of Whiskey

However, they had no business ideas at all

Systrom and Krieger developed what would later be known as Instagram simply because they wanted. Ars gratia artis. They didn’t keep the name Burbn – which had been given to it because of whiskey. Systrom was very fond of Kentuckian whiskeys, so he named their application after one of his favorite things. Then came Instagram, which is a blend of Insta(nt camera) and (tele)gram.

It was officially launched in October 2010, exclusively through App Store, and it got one million users only in one month. In a year, ten million were already sharing their pictures through the app. The funniest part about this is that Instagram – in a way similar to other projects which didn’t have a defined business plan, such as YouTube or Twitter – didn’t have a way to go. None of its creators knew where it would go. Then came Facebook and they became billionaires.

Everything thanks to a bottle of Kentucky whiskey.

Instagram Overpasses Twitter

Instagram Overpasses Twitter. After being in the run for more than five years, Instagram has reached a milestone which does nothing but confirm what everybody already knew – it is still growing, still going up, and it seems unstoppable. What has happened exactly? It has something to do with another social network, one of the most important ones nowadays – Twitter.

Instagram Overpasses Twitter
Will Twitter go down now that Instagram is going up?

Instagram was created five years ago in San Francisco

by two young programmers (Kevin Systrom and Mark Krieger) who got rich after selling it to Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) for one billion dollars. What makes Instagram so special and successful is the fact that it is immediate, simple and creative. Messages sent on Instagram are based on Images. Also, there’s no advertising. No personal information sent to the brands, while there is also a very important advertising part on it.

One of the aspects that has helped Instagram go up is the fact that there is no limit to what one can write. Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have a limit of 140 characters. You can write whatever you like, no matter how long your message is. Also, the fact that every text has to be together with a picture makes it much more effective visually.

Twitting is also more spontaneous, in the bad sense of the word, and can be tracked more easily. If you start ranting over something or someone on Twitter, you can be easily spotted, even years ago, and that’d mean the end of the game, say, if you’re looking for a job. Instagram gives you more time to think, and even if you’re criticizing something or someone, you can do it in a civilized way.

According to the creators, Instagram users like it better to create content for Instagram. It lets them be creative, which 140 characters let them not.