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Is It Worth to Be an Instagram Bot?

Is It Worth to Be an Instagram Bot?

Since electronics was introduced some decades ago, automatical processes have become a part of our lives. Not only have machines helped man accomplish many important things, such as getting to the moon, but they have become an essential part of our daily lives.  Cooking robots, cleaning robots, domotics – they’re everywhere and make life easier for us. It’s always good if you can have a machine that can do that job, isn’t it?

Well, not always. There are certain environments where you just want people to be people. Even if robots are helping us live longer, be healthier and cleaner, and letting us live more comfortably, there are certain aspects of our lives that can’t be left for robots to control. One of them are social media.

Social media are for what they are – for socializing. It’s very temping when you see, for instance, that you can have bots to  follow you on Instagram when you only have a few followers. However, are bots that good for that? Imagine you go to someone’s profile, start checking out their followers and find profiles managed by robots. Wouldn’t you be a little pissed off that they have so many followers but some of them are not even human?

Not today, buddy – not today
Not today, buddy – not today

That’s why IIGERS.com offers Instagram users the chance to gain followers that are real, followers that are there to stay. If you get followers from IIGERS.com (and you can choose the number that better suits you, from 20 to 80) you’ll be able to see that they are users just like you – with their hobbies and their own life on Instagram.

At IIGERS.com we believe that Instagram, just like any other social media, was created by and for humans. They’re places to enjoy, to have fun and to interact with each other. Don’t let robots ruin your Instagram experience!

Get the FansYou Always Deserved on Instagram

Managing an Instagram account can be a different experience for many people. We’re all different, and the way in which we use social networks also varies. There are those who have Instagram as a way to be informed of what happens in the world – those who follow politicians, news broadcasts and even institutions. Then there are those who have an Instagram account to know whatever happens to their favorite celebrities. Justin Bieber just left a lot of those users without one of their information channels. Finally, there are those who use Instagram as a workplace, artists who post their creations on the picture-sharing social network, in order that the world be able to see their art.

For all of those, Instagram can become a frustrating experience sometimes. Of course, there are times when lots and lots of people start following you and you become popular – but there are also times when no one new comes in, you get stuck at a certain number of followers and even lose some of those you have already earned.

Don't let Instagram be a roller coaster
Don’t let Instagram be a roller coaster

For those moments there’s IIGERS.com. IIGERS.com offers you the chance to increase your followers at the reach of a hand. No matter how many you want or how much you want to spend, there’s an option for everyone. You can choose from 20 new followers to 80, together with likes, comments and picture reposts.

Worried about the price? For $7 you can have 20; spend $9 and you’ll be able to double that amount. A couple dollars more and you’ll get 60 followers. Finally, for $13 you’ll get 80 real followers. It’s worth mentioning that IIGERS.com employs only real people. If you get followers from us, you’ll be able to see what they like, how they are and what they share on their Instagram profiles.

Give IIGERS.com a chance – you won’t regret it!

The Human Side of Instagram

One of the things that makes great events, great companies, great services, is that they are backed up by their team. What would be of rock bands if they didn’t have a team behind them, supporting them and making everything perfect? It’s thanks to those people too that you can go see the Rolling Stones or Richard Clayderman or whatever bands you like, and have a totally fulfilling time. If there weren’t a team with them, they might not be as perfect – they’d just be good, but not perfect.

My aim is that you understand that human cooperation can get you further in the way than trusting nothing but machines. The old idea that machines are here to help us has proved true to some extent, but there are things that humans still do better, especially if they involve communication with, and support for, other humans.

Instagram's aim is to connect people from all over the worldInstagram’s aim is to connect people from all over the world

Here’s where Instagram comes into the game. It’s one of the most important social networks in the world, with more than 500 million monthly active users, and has become a place where everybody gathers no matter they’re a billionaire company, a normal person, a celebrity, a politician, a singer, a gardener or a school principal. They’re all together at Instagram.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to find people to follow you. As there are so many accounts, how are you going to stand over the crowd? Well, you could get followers, for instance. IIGERS.com gives you the chance to increase your follower count with just a few clicks. You can choose the amount that better suits you, from 20 to 80.

No matter how many you choose, you’ll find humanity here – no bots. Our philosophy is that Instagram is a human network, created by and for humans, and we want to keep it that way.

Instagram Followers, What to Do to Get Them

Instagram Followers, What to Do to Get Them. Instagram has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Whether it be a way of advertising their business or of promoting their art, or even if it is just another social network you’re in, we’re sure you’re fond of Instagram. However, no matter it’s a hobby or a work-oriented social network, you’ll sure have realized that sometimes it takes much more time than it should.

Instagram Followers, What to Do to Get Them
They’re the ones who make us known

First, you have to make the effort to get your content uploaded every once in a while

No one will follow a blog that posts nothing. Then you’ll have to take time out of other things to keep your interactions on a decent level. After that, you may or may not see that your effort pays off, as the decision of following your account depends exclusively on others.

However, there are ways to get the followers you should have without worrying about all the work you’ll have to undergo in order to make people interested in your account. As popularity is somehow external, why not making your account seem popular, so that more people will follow it? https://iigers.com gives you a chance to get followers in an effortless way. Let’s say you want 20, 40, 60 or 80 followers – no problem at all! The most you’ll have to spend is $13 (and you’ll get 80 real followers for that).

We would like to assure you that when we say real we mean real. We offer no bots, no fake accounts – just real people who will start following your blog if you say so. Seeing a lot of bots following one account often makes us wonder if it is trustworthy. Iigers gives you the opportunity to have real people following you, which is a much more attractive way to promote your Instagram profile.

Don’t think twice, give iigers a try, and you’ll be fully satisfied!

Simple Ways To Get Followers On Instagram

Simple Ways To Get Followers On Instagram. At a first glance, it may seem very obvious: we are on social networks for two simple reasons – follow those whom we want to know about and telling the ones who follow us what we are up to in a specific moment. Pretty simple, right? The figures, though, tend not to be balanced: the number of people we follow tends to be higher than the number of followers we have.

When we start an account, we tend to follow people with whom we share interests, celebrities (of any kind, should they have an Instagram profile) whom we are interested in, and family members and real-life friends (if they know that we have an account). Sometimes, accounts we follow return the “favor” and follow us back, but somehow we can lead people into following us with some very simple strategies.

One of them is to be aware of the hashtags we post in our pictures, as the more popular ones are more likely to be looked up by other users – and, of course, change gradually as time goes by. We should keep updated on what is happening inside and outside Instagram. Perhaps we just missed a record-breaking selfie, or a trend that is going on at a certain moment. Also, we should upload content that we can be sure will be liked, thus getting more and more popular. What you post will depend, of course, on the kind of followers you have or the ones you want to get.

To give an extra help to your ambitions, you could also check out sites like IIGERS. IIGERS offers a very adequate service for those who want to get more followers or more activity in their accounts and not have to go through the tedious parts of the job. Just check it out and you will find a service that suits you!