MSQRD, the App that’s Taking Instagram Over

MSQRD, the App that’s Taking Instagram Over

MSQRD, the App that’s Taking Instagram Over. New apps are created everyday all around the world. Sometimes they fulfill a function that nobody had thought about, and sometimes they are specifically created to complement an already existing app. That’s the case with MSQRD, an app developped to serve as a complement for Instagram. Even if it weren’t the case initially, it fits so well with the photo-sharing app that it seems that they were created for each other. But what is MSQRD exactly?

MSQRD, the App that's Taking Instagram Over

MSQRD, the App that’s Taking Instagram Over

Obviously its name comes from “masquerade”

and it lets you put a mask on your face, basically. Imagine having a selfie looking like Leo DiCaprio, Barack Obama or Snoop Dog. Even fictional character masks are there, such as the Batman’s Joker and Star Wars’ Darth Maul’s. It also lets you add physical features, such as big eyes, cat ears, blushing or tattoos. Go see the #MSQRD hashtag to see what this app has to offer.

Not only regular people, but also celebrities have been mesmerized by this app. Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto have been some of the celebrities that have used MSQRD. But what are the trends when using the app? What faces or features are the most used? Maybe it is due to circumstances, but the most used face is that of Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor’s face is the one most people have been fond of. Not only his face appears when you choose to feature it, but also two Oscars – DiCaprio’s long-time wish.

The app has also been featured on some TV programs around the world, and is taking everyone over. Let us know what celebrity you are going to become thanks to MSQRD, and remember that even if you have the face of the Joker, you’re the most important one. Like Cara Delevingne and Jared Leto, go try it and let us know!

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