Bot accounts on Instagram

Have you ever bought followers for on Instagram and realized they are just fake accounts?

These accounts are bots and all they do is increase your followers number. They are by far not actual followers. They are simple accounts, with few uploads, with not many followers but very many followings. If you want to check out who else has bought these fake followers, all you have to do is check who else they are following!

The moment Instagram noticed the growing social media influencer market, they decided they want to keep things real and not become a social media platform where everything is just bought. There are many accounts on the platform pretending to be an influencer when all their activity is fake and bought. These people try to become an influencer, buts that’s not the way!

Bot Accounts On Instagram
Bot Accounts On Instagram

Instagram is now taking care of this and deleting every bot account on the platform. The moment this account gets deleted, the people it was following will have lost a follower. When you have bought thousands of followers, you are going to lose all these thousands of followers you had. Instagram is also closing many of the third-party websites and apps like Instagress, InstaPlus, and PeerBoost. All of them are in violation of the Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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