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Reading the Papers – on Instagram?

Reading the Papers – on Instagram? Time flies and backgrounds change. People get more and more immerse in the World Wide Web. And the Internet is slowly becoming the only way for many people to know what the world is like. It is obvious – it makes everything be at the reach of a click. That is why many of the so far indispensable things of life have come to a new life on the Internet. That, of course, through ways that assure them that they will survive.

Reading the Papers – on Instagram?
Reading the Papers – on Instagram?

Take for example the print media. It seems that paper newspapers are being slowly replaced by their online versions. Although many of them are more complete on the traditional paper editions, when it comes to content. Online news are an excellent way of being informed live. Apart from the fact that, for the youngest. Internet is a much friendlier place to being informed.

That is why some of the most important newspapers in the United States have chosen to launch accounts on social networks. You can find the New York Times, the Financial Times, The Guardian, and so on, on Facebook or Twitter, but what about Instagram? Has it also become a place where you can be informed and enjoy the content of the news? Well – mostly the latter.

Try to check out some of the newspapers’ profiles and you’ll see that the NYT is devoted to fashion, that the Wall Street Journal looks like an artistic account, that The Guardian – which does not have a verified account – features wildlife while informing about the Californian drought or the results of the latest national election in the UK.

As you can see, not every newspaper on Instagram is frivolous, but readers should take them with a pinch of salt.