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Showing Culture Through Instagram

Showing Culture Through Instagram
During the Holy Week celebrations, images of the virgin Mary parade through the city

Showing Culture Through Instagram. Now that Easter is gone and everything is back to normal. It may be the right time to reflect about what we know about different cultures. Easter has become a nearly universal holiday, but the way it is celebrated around the world varies hugely. Knowing that, Instagram has chosen to highlight one of the most picturesque Easter traditions on the Earth – Holy Week celebration in Seville, Spain. Through specific hashtags such as #ssantasevilla15 (“ssanta” standing for “Semana Santa” – Holy Week in Spanish) and #levantá2015 (which refers to a specific act during the holiday), you can explore one of the most enchanting Easter traditions.

On the other side of the world, in Singapore

Showing Culture Through Instagram
People at the 2015 Chingay festival in Singapore

Another parade-like festival is celebrated, not on Easter but on Chinese New Year. #Chingay2015 – tagged pics show us the wonderful colors and cheerfulness of Chingay, a street parade celebrated to honor the Chinese deities, although it has become a non-religious festival. It is a multicultural festival, as people from all South East Asia attend. Fireworks, dances, costumes, dragons and lions, all get together in a festival that is little known to Western people. This year, Chingay has a very special meaning for Singaporeans, as 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of its fulfilled independence from Malaysia.

As you can see with these two examples. Cultures vary enormously around the world, and Instagram helps make them more visible. It is not only a network to share personal pictures. But to promote things that would remain unnoticed weren’t it thanks to Instagram. The more people you reach, the better; it is also true when we refer to culture and specific celebrations that would remain unnoticed by the rest of the world. You can help promote culture around you too. Whether you reach a few or a lot of followers, it will always be worth. Help culture through Instagram – the whole world will benefit!