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Some Companies That Boosted Their Influence Thanks To Instagram

Some Companies That Boosted Their Influence Thanks To Instagram. Instagram is more than a personal social network, as it is a very good place for companies, small or big, to promote themselves. Nowadays, more and more companies use the social media to reach potential customers, and publicity and marketing strategies have changed in order to adapt to this new trend.

Some Companies That Boosted Their Influence Thanks To Instagram
Mercedes-Benz is one of the companies that have boosted their visits thanks to Instagram

Among the firms that got a boost thanks specifically to Instagram we can find Mercedes-Benz. The car industry giant experimented a 580% lift in site visits “using Facebook and Instagram ads together”. They did not combine Facebook and Instagram ads as a first option, but tried them with some variations. However, that way of marketing has proved to be the most effective one. When they added adds to Facebook and Instagram separately, they only got an increase in website visits of 54%. It was not a bad idea, after all, to get those resources combined, as they meant an increase in visits of more than ten times the original growth.

Eric Jillard, General Manager at Mercedes-Benz USA Marketing Services, declared: “Using Instagram as part of our digital advertising mix means we can meet young buyers on their home turf. With branding advertising on both Instagram and Facebook, site visits jumped more than 50%.”

Maybe the keyword here is “young people”

Youngsters and young adults tend to be more into the digital world than older people. So they become the main target customer when we talk about online campaigning. Combine that with social media, which grow more and more popular every day, and voilà!

Anyway, not only big companies can benefit or obtain profit from Instagram, as it is a service centered also on the customers. That being said, there are a lot of opportunities for personal accounts to get a boost. Why don’t you check what iigers has for you? You may also get a boost in your visits!