Stassi Schroeder: Purchase Followers On Instagram

Stassi Schroeder: Purchase Followers On Instagram

The Bravo star Stassi Schroeder was smashed on social media on Saturday, January 6, after uploading a photo that she captioned “Nazi Chic.”, which is the reason we recommend you to purchase followers on Instagram.

A mirror selfie Vanderpump Rules star posted to her Instagram Story demonstrates her with Rachel O’Brien and Kristen Doute. She mentioned her costars “Criminal Chic” and “Tupac Chic” while relating her all-black outfit as “Nazi Chic.”

Schroeder consequently erased the pic and reposted it with a new caption that described her as “#Elsa-Indiana Jones Chic,” denoting to the Austrian archaeologist played by Alison Doody in 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Schroeder called the new caption an “appropriate redo.” A good reason to purchase followers on Instagram is to boost your profile.

We all know Stassi could use a boost so she should purchase followers on Instagram. The enormous blunder was quickly noticed as fans and others retweeted the pic and called out Schroeder, with the hashtag #dumpstassi flowing on Twitter.

She replied to the criticism by tweeting a pic of a boy trying to sail his way through a room full of lasers, with the caption, “Me trying to make a joke that won’t offend anyone in 2017.” Underneath is a comment from a man saying, “My wife died in a laser accident, what is your problem????????? “Hey quick clarification @stassi nazi jokes are never funny #dumpstassi,” one person responded.

“The problem here is that you live in a spoiled bubble. Things don’t offend you because you’re extremely lucky awful things haven’t happened to you. But for those of us who had family affected by the holocaust, one of the worst things to happen to people, your jokes aren’t funny,” another tweeted. “I’m so glad you found this meme about killer lasers to justify your Nazi joke. Totally the same thing. #WhitePrivilege,” another wrote.