‘Life of Kylie’ Premiere

‘Life of Kylie’ Premiere

Keeping up with… Kylie! Kylie Jenner got real with how her celebrity affects her and let fans see the real her on the series premiere of Life of Kylie on Sunday, August 6. She’s just like us, or at least kind of. One moment, she’s eating McDonald’s fries and talking about shaving her toes, but in the next, she’s stressed about how to find a private jet and struggling about not driving her Lamborghini enough.


Kylie often uses platform Snapchat to upload lots of pictures of a random group of people that seem to be with her 24/7. She officially introduced all of these familiar faces, including her best friend and model Jordyn Woods and her executive assistant Victoria Villarroel Gamero. She also revealed that she met her makeup artist Ariel Winter by DMing him on Instagram, and the true genius behind her signature wigs is her hair stylist Tokyo Stylez. Her team does everything together, and they are the only people Kylie feels 100 percent relaxed around. “It’s hard to feel normal,” the reality TV star said.


Kylie wanted to live out her dreams of doing normal things by taking a random boy to prom. Albert is a boy Jordyn found who was bullied at school and needed a date to the dance. Because Kylie was homeschooled, she never got to go to prom and always felt left out, so she felt for Albert.

“I have a soft spot for the outcast because I was the outcast,” Kylie said.

Albert was enthusiastic and visibly anxious to have probably the most popular date at the dance. When they arrived, Kylie’s attempt at a normal experience went down the tubes. Everyone was taking photos of her and screaming, so they had to enjoy the dance from a private balcony.

“Kim always said this is what she’s made for, you know, and I respect that, but it’s just hard to do normal things when every single person knows who you are,” Kylie said. “It reminds me that I’m Kylie f–king Jenner.”

The entire school did chant Albert’s name, which Kylie said was “iconic.” It was definitely an unusual prom experience, but one Albert will remember forever.