Iggy Azalea Leaves Instagram To Detox From Social Media

Iggy Azalea Leaves Instagram To Detox From Social Media

Iggy Azalea Leaves Instagram To Detox From Social Media. Just a few weeks before she made public her decision to leave her Twitter account to her management team, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea made the same decision regarding her Instagram account. Criticism over a personal photograph is what motivated her to leave Twitter, and last Friday, she left Instagram, allegedly because of the same reason.

Although it doesn’t mean her accounts will remain inactive, as she has made her management teams responsible for updating content to her social media profiles. Apparently, she just needs to detox from all the attention the media have been given her lately. Now that not only news corporations, but literally crowds of people, can get access to a celebrity’s personal life, it is not strange that she has finally made this decision.

She’s certainly not the first celebrity to have to put up with what seems an obsessive need to know about famous people’s lives that affects more and more people worldwide. Is this the price one must pay for being famous? Does it compensate the millions of followers she gets support from? More than six and a half million people follow Azalea on Instagram, but somehow that is not quite a situation which gives peace to her.

Some people may even see this decision as bad for her, as she is isolating herself from the people who supposedly support her – her fans. However, we all need a little rest from time to time, even more if our life is constantly exposed to millions of people. It must certainly be a hard situation to pass through.

Nonetheless, we hope she gets detoxed soon, as she will be starting a tour all over North America on April 14. Hopefully, she may end up changing her mind about saying that the Internet is “the ugliest reflection of man kind there is”.