Gus Kenworthy: Followers on Instagram fast

Gus Kenworthy: Followers on Instagram fast

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy gave his boyfriend a kiss before going down the hills at the 2018 Winter Olympics on Saturday, February 17 and turned out to go viral on social media, so get followers on Instagram fast.

The show of affection went viral almost directly, with many people overflowing over the couple on social media.

One Twitter user wrote, “That beautiful casual kiss between @guskenworthy and his boyfriend on @NBCOlympics — I’m old enough to understand how significant that is.”

Another person wrote, “A kiss from his boyfriend from the top of the slope and a wave of rainbow flags at the bottom! Gus Kenworthy, you’re making so many LGBT Americans so very proud of you!!!”

“So much love for @guskenworthy and his partner for smashing down barriers and being the first same-sex couple to kiss live at the #WinterOlympics,” wrote another.

Followers on Instagram fast to increase sales. One user just expressed, “Pretty cool that they not only showed Gus Kenworthy kiss his boyfriend, but acknowledge him as such. It shouldn’t feel like a big deal and yet it does.”

“We’re great. We work through all of our issues, we talk, we have amazing communication. But it’s also like … It’s up and down,” the skier explained about their relationship. Followers on Instagram fast is a must. “I spend so much of my time on the road and traveling. We’ll go eight weeks without seeing each other. It’s a difficult relationship, but we work on it.”

Wilkas understands the meaning of having their kiss public on national television, saying to Time, “It’s good that it’s televised because it normalizes it more. I would imagine it would be a huge moment for a young gay kid to see an awesome athlete so open and proud of himself and not caring what anyone thinks of his sexuality.”