Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young: Boost Your Followers On Instagram

Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young: Boost Your Followers On Instagram

Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young finally got married on Saturday, October 21, in Nashville, so if you need a new Instagram topic to boost your followers on Instagram, this is a romantic one.

The Nashville star and her long-term musician lover have announced back in January that they were planning a fall wedding. After Robert popped the question onstage at the The Grand Ole Opry on December 5, 2015 to his girlfriend, their wedding plans came to a stop when Bowen’s younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. The Aussie native explained to the Daily Telegraph at the time: “We put everything on hold as we couldn’t imagine having a wedding without him being able to be there.” Her brother is now in remission, giving them even more to celebrate. Such a beautiful story to boost your followers on Instagram. The talented duo often performs side by side and aren’t afraid to hide their emotions to their fans. The actress has said many times that before Young, she never thought she’d get married — but things changed!

A few weeks ago, Bowen uploaded a photo of her parents on social media platform Instagram and she captioned it with: “My parents waltzing their way through @sydneyrairport to come help me do all the things I never thought I’d do, because I never thought I’d get married, because that’s something that happened to other people. I really had no interest in it at all… Then @brandonrobertyoung turned up and turned everything upside down and this photo is emotional napalm and I get to see them tomorrow and I’m not crying you’re crying. 🌺✨ Caught by @petitepois 💕✨ #foreverbowenyoung”

That very same day Bowen posted a photo of her kissing her boy on the stage where they got engaged. “Wedding practise. 🎉💕✨ Caught by sweet @jaclynkathleen 🌈✨ #opry,” she wrote.

A behind-the-scenes photo of the pre-wedding celebration was posted to Bowen’s Instagram account on Friday, October 20, “Being kidnapped #foreverbowenyoung.”