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Instagram Launches @Music, a New Music-Centered Feature

Instagram Launches @Music, a New Music-Centered Feature.

Instagram has just launched a new feature in the form of a new profile – @music. The account is already active and has become the first thematic profile created by Instagram.

How does it work? It will have its specific hashtags and feature pictures and short videos. For instance, under #15SecondLessons will go short video lessons teaching how to play parts of different songs for different instruments (guitar, bass, drums…); #DoubleTrack will let users know more about the artists featured, and #LocallySourced will center on new, local bands who want to get known.

Instagram Launches @Music, a New Music-Centered Feature
Instagram Launches @Music, a New Music-Centered Feature

Not only musicians, but also graphic designers and fans will have their place on @music.

However, only six photos or videos will be published every week. Why only six? It’s easy – the more content, the more chaotic everything gets. Having only a few artists and songs or tutorials per week, @music will be able to stay interactive. Also, only one hashtag per month will be used.

Why this interest on music, all of a sudden, may you ask? Well, given that one in every four Instagram accounts are musicians’ accounts, it’s not strange that Instagram has chosen to promote this art. As you may know, it is not the only cultural feature Instagram has highlighted – artists, festivals, ethnographic cultures and celebrations have also stood out. Also, it will allow a lot of people to participate. Have you been in a concert? Have you met an artist today? Are you a musician and want to show your new album’s cover art? All of these will be possible!

Whether you’re a musician, a fan or simply want to know a little more about this new profile, go check it on Instagram. American drummer and DJ Questlove has been the first featured artist, and there will be many more, for sure.