Buy followers on Instagram and use these tips to grow your base of real followers

Buy followers on Instagram and use these tips to grow your base of real followers

Buy followers on Instagram and use these tips to grow your base of real followers. The transformation of Instagram from a photo-sharing app that provided fun and entertainment to a cutting edge platform for business and brand promotion and marketing has been simply phenomenal.  Way back in 2010, no one even had the faintest idea about the likely transformation. Today, Instagram is the most preferred platform for conducting businesses of all sizes by focusing on content marketing, networking, selling, and audience building.   The number of active Instagram users has gone over 200 million per month who share 1.6 billion likes per day along with 60 million images.

Instagram follows the same rules of succeeding as any other social media platform by focusing on the number of followers, likes, and comments – the metrics that determine the popularity of brands and the authority it wields online. Although achieving these metrics organically should be the goal, you can buy followers on Instagram for inflating the numbers quickly. Saving time in getting followers works in favor of faster business growth by overcoming the ever-increasing competition.

The incredible engagement rate of Instagram pales the figures of any other social media platform. While the average engagement rate of the social media platform taken together hovers under 0.1%, for Instagram, it is multiple times higher. According to a study in 2014, Instagram’s engagement rate was a staggering 58 times more than Facebook’s. Indeed, the number is impressive, but you can even do much better on Instagram by not settling for anything average. You can be ambitious about high growth on Instagram because there are several ways to meet your target no matter how stiff it might seem.

Including the following hacks in your Instagram strategy will help to accomplish your goals.

Buy followers on Instagram and use these tips to grow your base of real followers

Buy followers on Instagram and use these tips to grow your base of real followers

 Go for branded hashtag even if you buy followers on Instagram

Hashtags are influential in driving traffic to the content and increasing engagement. But branded hashtags are much more powerful in creating a collection of your best content.  Create a branded, dedicated, or custom hashtag to get the best results; it is a great way to convert potential followers into loyal ones. When they find you via another targeted hashtag, they would most likely become your ardent followers after seeing your top posts.

Creating a branded hashtag for each of your Instagram marketing campaigns is also an option. Often it is a better option because of its low promotional tone than using some hashtag specific to your business that links to your company name. Followers often use campaign hashtags that attract their followers toward the brand.

Cross-promote your exclusive or dedicated hashtag

Creating a dedicated or branded hashtag is only the first step, but it will not generate the desired engagement unless you take the next one. You must do something to encourage viewers to share your content by inserting it in your bio or profile. Look beyond the social media to popularize the hashtag by taking the game offline. Use it on your print ads, printed receipts, at relevant events, and your business’s signage. Encourage TV viewers and radio listeners to use your hashtag if you use these mediums for business promotion. Integrate your online and offline campaigns by enlisting it across your other social media profiles. As well as your website and email campaigns. Do not wait for people to discover it.

Industry-specific hashtags lend more power to the campaign

Gaining followers who are relevant to your business will ensure that they take an interest in you. Using terms in the hashtags specific to your industry will demonstrate its relevance to viewers and make them curious to know more about it. Use hashtags in your posts that your target audience is browsing specifically. Being specific would attract more people who take an interest in your business, increasing the chances of them becoming your followers.  Using specific hashtags will narrow down the number of competitors who would target the same group that you are targeting. Users will easily find and follow your account.

Use event-related hashtag

The popularity of your posts depends mainly on the choice of hashtags. Using event-related hashtags, you can highlight the seminars, conventions, and workshops happening in your industry. It can also relate to popular events in your local area or any other part of your country, or across the globe. These hashtags are ideal to go along with your casual, light-hearted posts. For example, take advantage of some sporting event like the soccer world cup and post a picture of your team watching a television game over lunch while using the hashtag #worldcup.

Leverage your bio URL

Inserting a link to your website URL in your Instagram bio is the most fundamental method of directing traffic to your website. The URL in your profile is a prime real estate of your Instagram bio. Although you begin by directing traffic to your home page. Make sure that you allow viewers to have different views of your business. It would require changing the URL at intervals to direct traffic to your most popular content or newest post.

 Use descriptive captions

Although pictures are highly emotive. You cannot rely on the power of images alone to move the audience in the way you want. It requires proper use of text along with pictures in the form of captions.  Coupling captions with images, when done correctly, will allow you to tell a story that generates engagement and encourages sharing. You will realize this by looking at the pictures of National Geographic. That Nat Geo has 50 million followers and growing bear testimony to the enhanced power of images that use appropriate captions.

Being creative with captions is the secret of popularizing your content on Instagram. Forget about using too many single word hashtags that look cliché. Instead, create a mix of hashtags of single-word hashtags and hashtags that help you to tell a story. Avoid being boring at all costs, and there is no harm in being outrageously funny or ironic that appeals to viewers.  Explore the lighter side of life to keep the audience in good humor that brings them closer to the brand.